4am club

I hate being a member of this stupid 4am club.


Agree !


It will be intresting to see how many replys we get........


Hi Bettyblue

Sorry, had a lie in until 5.30 this morning. Feels like I've wasted half the day already! Haha!!!




ah yes the 4 am club. Husband sleeps till about 3 or 4 and then he leaves the bed, goes to the loo (one of many times) and then goes to different bed to stretch out and relax and most of the time he then falls asleep again. However he did go trough his insomnia stage. Seems either a low dose madopar when waking up or now the patch he has is helping him get back to sleep. Restless legs he got. Somedays much worse than others. Still finding out where on his body the patches are most effective.


I usually put mine on or around my bottom that way my underwear act as protection from my clothes rubbing at the patch and causing it to fall off. Also as i understand it we need body fat to distribute the drug effectively as of course with most ladies we all generally have an ample layer of fat in that area.

So having a bit of a big bum is a bonus for a change..........................


lol BB.


BB.  If I'd read your last comment at 1am is that why I'm still awake at 05.45. But it's not as I only read it at 05.30.confused

What I do know is Don't turn your tablet from landscape to portrait while composing a post on the forum.  Yes, it did do the dirty on my ditty.  Almost made me swear, which is completely out of character for me. Not.




Does 4:30 AM EST count?

Kendo you always make me laugh. You are cool. BB x 4.30 am EST does count. BB x


Must put the heating on or stay in bed till the Sun breaks through the fog.


Since having dbs completed march 2017 I still bloody well wake up at 4am BUT yay I CAN get back to sleep on average till 9am then I just still up in bed for a couple of hours a generally watch what's on the telly that's not rubbish and cuddle up to my fur baby MrDude xxx


Hiya Bettyblue - I'm still a member as well of the 4am club or 2am - 4am, frustrating or what?? Then in the afternoon I'm a member of the snooze in the afternoon club ZZzzzzzzzz. Does it get any better


Has for me but with our meds I don’t suppose it will for most much love to you xx


hi bb, 2am and no signs off getting sleepy yet. ah well watch another film on netflics, perhaps i should get a job as a film reviewer lol


Especially if you can do it from your bed xx


Another fully paid member, going to let other half see this, always telling me that I should be asleep then!


This place is amazing… i have been waking up every morning at around 3am and have taken to reading the News online, i never gave it a thought that it would be anything to do with PD, but stranger still i hate the news and spend all the day avoiding it, never read newspapers, i only listen to Radio 4ex (DAB only) as it has no news strange or what?


Hi, I”m another regular at the 4am club… and also the 3am club… good to know there are others out there!


I think we will all have to sign on at 2.30am every evening and then we will all have someone to talk to pass the time away!

Sheila x


Not me out for the count then xx