5 Marathons in 5 Weeks

As this is my first post I'm not sure if this is the right section or not. Any way I would like tell you about my son, Oliver 33. He is supporting his mum and Parkinson's UK by running 5 Marathons in 5 Weeks.

He started his epic journey in Brighton on April 12, continuing in Manchester the following Sunday April 19. No. 3 was an individual marathon from his home in Hove, he called it the Two Piers Run as it was based around running from Brighton Pier to Worthing pier and back . For the three completed runs he has averaged 3hrs 47mins (that's just under 9 mins for every mile!) and so far that's 79 miles in 11 hours 18 mins.

His remaining two marathons are tougher as they are cross country runs!

You can see Ollie's story and support him at JustGiving Oliver Marsh 5 marathons in 5 Weeks. So far he has raised over £800 + gift aid.

Well done Oliver on completing your two tiers run for parkinsons . An average of nine miles a min is amazing . Good luck with the other two runs . Thankyou for doing this . I just tried to find your just giving page and couldn't . Maybe it's me ! Will try again .