5 years on from being diagnosed

I used to be strong mentally and physically gym 5 times a week swimming 30 miles a week thought I could cope with any situation brimming with confidence happy life and soul of the party always smiling and according to my friends the one they could go to talk too…then came along mr Parkinson’s taking away a piece of me at a time like removing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle until no one recognised the picture anymore.
I’ve done the depression been through the gambling addiction lost interest in going out and put on 3 stone to the point I get out of breath going up the stairs my relationship has suffered to the point where all my gleaming confidence has gone and I’m just an empty shell.
Tried sky dives charity nights raising money for this charity .
But can’t get rid of that I’m useless feeling.
My condition is now effecting both sides of my body to the point where the slow moving mummy in the black and white horror movies can catch me. Went to the neurologist last week and because of my age 47 he is recommending me for DBS can I have some honest warts and all feedback on anyone who has had this because although I want ME back the thought of this op and it’s procedures and thanks to YouTube DBS scares the living daylights out of me… thanks

H,i your story really struck a chord with me although I didn’t do as much exercise as you but was still playing football twice a week up until it became too difficult a couple of years back. I am also scared about the DBS possibility. I have an initial consultation at Southmead in Bristol after Christmas and I will post any developments here in case it may help others who are considering it. I’m 56 yrs old now and was diagnosed about 5 years ago. All the best …