72 hour system

hi me social worker has told me there is a 72 hour system that can be set up for people with illnesses.if there family member who looks after erm goes in hospital or somethin else happins to erm,a 72 hour system is set up for them,so a carer will come in for those hours and look after that ill person.i thought this was a very good idea.wot does others think of this?:smile:

That is a very good idea , it's something I worry about if I become ill .

When I asked about it the social services gave a a 24hr telephone No to ring ..

I think its a very good idea. A few years ago my h was very ill with flu and as he wasnt yet on pd meds, he couldnt get in and out of bed, couldnt walk and was delirious. He was like this for about a week and I didnt get any sleep at all as he was restless all the time. It was a christmas and I couldnt get any help, in the end I declared myself as an emergency to social services who did send carers 4 times a day for about half an hour. I had to leave the doors all open because when the first one arrived I was asleep on the dining room floor where I had gone to wait for her to come. I think if he hadnt started to recover I would have just become unconscious and he would have been in a real mess sunray

I keep talking about getting a telephone alarm system installed . It's very good to know that you can get a service such as that

My husband wouldnt manage if I was ill , I daresay they would help you as well maybe . atleast make you a drink maybe .

I try not to worry about it all the time . To be fair our Gp and the socail services always ask how I am managing .

72 Hours! You would be too dehydrated to open the door!

As usual its all too little too late with the well meaning NHS.