78 year old dad diagnosed 5 months ago

My dad was diagnosed with parkinsons at the end of last year. He is on his 3rd set of meds as first one made him feel sick, the second he ended up in mental health hospital after hallucinations and was there for 7 weeks, although they wanted him to go to some kind of rehabilitation for his parkinsons after 1 week there.
He has not seen a specialist since 1 Feb this year when he was admitted to the mental health hospital. He is now in another rehabilitation hospital and is so frustrated at the nurses telling him to move when almost every day he literally can’t. He has one good day and then 10/12 days bed bound.
He finally has an appointment this week with a specialist. What should I be expecting/requesting when I accompany him. He has lost over 3 stone in weight and he and the rest of the family feel we are out wits end

That doesn’t sound good enough to me.
From experience of my mother having Alzheimer’s and almost being ignored I would say that those who make the most noise get the biggest reaction.
Wrong on many levels but true.
It’s hard for families because they all have their own lives.
For your dads sake though,keep pushing.
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Hi @Lozwella26,

I’m really sorry to hear about all that your dad has gone through since is diagnosis. This can’t have been easy for you and your family to deal with. In terms of what your expectations should be, it might be worth contacting our helpline service for advice on this. They’ll be able to offer a lot of useful information on this so do give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

Please keep us posted on this.

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Thank you
We will persevere. I feel if he was a lot younger, he wouldn’t be left like this for so long.

Dad had his appointment yesterday and his meds are going up very slightly in view of his bad reaction previously. Being closely monitored for cognitive change as well as physical. Was good to talk to someone who knows about Parkinsons at last!! Patiently trying to be patient .

Hi @Lozwella26,

Thanks for updating us on your dad’s condition. Sending you and your family our thoughts and I hope your dad responds positively to his medication.

Do take care,