8th day of constipation

I’m new to the forum and awaiting my appointment with neurologist next week.
Since a fall on June 12th I’ve had continuous bowel problems with constipation. It’s now 8 days since I passed a senna induced passing of poo and I’m really worried.
So far I’ve spoken to my gp who requested a stool sample which I’ve now provided and a visit to the local accident and emergency where the doctor did a stomach pressing and anal finger insertion.
He stated I wasn’t showing signs of a blockage and told me to try Laxido Orange sachets which I’m trying but to no avail so far.
So here I am on day 8. I sit and strain on the toilet but it seems my efforts to make my stomach mussels move are to no avail.
How many more days can I carry on before something more serious happens?

Hi @jules9,

Welcome to the forum. I’m very sorry to hear that you have been experiencing bowel issues. When did you last consult your GP? I’d encourage you to call your GP again and you can also give our free and confidential helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our advisers about this in more detail.

Our website also has more information on bladder and bowel problems here: Bladder and bowel problems | Parkinson's UK

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Hi @jules9 it would appear that you have a very serious problem as it is reckoned that if you haven’t been by the third day you should seek help. Personally i’m on Isphagula Husk though I sometimes get issued with Fybogel both in Orange Flavour. Do as @NikosP has recommended or phone 111, I believe, if you can’t get any sense out of your GP Surgery.


As @cruisecontroller said, you can indeed call NHS 111 24 hours a day to speak to a medical professional if you need urgent help. And as always, you can call our helpline too. Do keep us posted, @jules9!

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I suffer with constipation and was advised to use Laxido (3 sashets a day) and it took 3 days to start working. I also can relate to the stress and anxiety you must be feelling i suffer from that as much as the constipation! I have no medical knowledge on such matters but i would personally call the GP about it. I do hope things get sorted quickly for you.Greg

I can’t imagine what your going through. It stresses me out if I miss a day. Really hope you get it sorted. Don’t take any fob offs from anybody. If you need to rock up at A&E to get it sorted then do it and refuse to leave u til they fix the problem

I am pleased to report that on the evening of the 8tt day I finally passed a motion by using a suppository.
I couldn’t risk waiting any longer. and was extremely worried about what was happening.
This week I am going to eat lots of roughage like salad and vegetables.
I’m also going to take a Laxido sachet daily.
My worst scenario is going through this again and my brain not connecting with my muscles.

Great news @jules9, may be you should take two per day one hour after breakfast and evening meal, see what it recommends on the instructions !!


Hi there lot have same problem I am on bisacodyl 5mgs tablets a night or wot works for me is 2mugs of tea or hot water befor I go work hope it works keep safe

Hi Jules, never thought Id be chatting about poo, but here goes. I take stalevo and its one of the known side effects, constipation. People dont understand how serious it is. Basically any food or medication you take after you are constipated gets stuck in the log jam!
Tricks that I have discovered.

  1. A cup of coffee in the morning
  2. Every time I take a stalevo I force myself to drink half a pint of water.
  3. I also take one satchet of laxido orange in the morning.
  4. Regular walks/exercise.Jumping up and down, trampoline, gravity works

Dont know if any of that helps, but try them and see

This is interesting -

Fecal microbiota transplantation to treat Parkinson’s disease with constipation: A case report - PubMed (nih.gov)

I guess it has potential as a DIY exercise.

I recently had a mere 4 days constipation but gp said to make up 8 sachets of cosmocol and drink it over a period of 6 -8 hours… I was also given suppositories. This did have the desired effect but it took me quite a while to get back to my normal but I have learnt you can never be normal with constipation. It is as if you can be going fine then it’s like a door closes and that’s that. good luck.

Thank you for all your helpful responses.
I’m afraid to say the best constipation clearance is a suppository once a week.
I also now have an appointment with bowl clinic.
I will keep you posted.

I too have used the Laxido sachets, but had little benefit. What works for me though is Lactulose oral solution. It’s a sickly sweet syrup and I take it twice a day after meals (25ml each dose - the maximum) I get a 'script for it, but maybe you get buy it over counter without?
Presumably you’ve heard of the chap who goes to the doctor with constipation, and gets given some suppositories. After a week with no luck though, he revisits and says; “I tell you 'doc for all the good they did - I may just as well 'ave stuck 'em up me b*m, they weren’t 'alf a swine to swallow”

Trampolines are very helpful in relieving constipation. It is highly suggested to seniors buy trampoline since they help to get rid of constipation.