A big dilemma regarding pressure point cuts

My dad has Parkinson’s disease stage 5. I and the rest of the family are in a bit of a dilemma regarding pressure point cuts and the best way to heal them. My dad has had these quite regulary on his bottom crack, the first time my mum bought a specific cream from the pharmacist and used a breathable plaster over the top of the cut, within 3 days the cut was gone.

Within a few days after this he had to go to hospital with urine and lung infections, the cut came back again almost immediately, as he was in bed all day long of course, and in the 4 weeks that he was in hospital the nurses used a barrier spray and absolutely nothing positive happened at all, the cut was not healed and stayed all that time he was in the hospital, when he came out of hospital my mum used the cream and a plaster over it again and it was healed within 4 days.

Now he has it again, has had it for about 2 1/2 weeks, but the nurse who comes to visit him insists on using this spray, which is thoroughly useless, and states that no plaster should be used because it needs to get air to it, eventhough he does sit on the lounge chair around 7 hours a day and half the time could be wet in his pants. My mum is with my dad all the time, she does not like to cause any arguments or disagreements and the with the nurse, but it’s obvious that her e use of cream and plaster works whereas the other one doesn’t. What should I/we do?

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I really empathise with your dad because this sounds like a very tricky situation and I’m sure it must be uncomfortable for him. I would recommend that you consult with his GP about the cuts and relay to them exactly what you’ve shared above to them. It sounds to me that you mum has found a temporary solution to the cut, but as it keeps returning, his doctor may need to explore the reasons behind it and perhaps review his medication.

For more support and advice on this, you are more than welcome to speak to an adviser via our free and confidential helpline. Please give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

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