A cure for DOWNERS



   Hello All

              As the heading says I have discovered a perfect antidote for the evil curse Depression ,well its two antidotes really, you will all have watched YBF on the television,and I have no doubt the antics of cats and dogs will have you at least chuckling and at best falling off your chair, well if you enjoy watching our canine and feline buddies at play go on you tube and type funny cats and dogs its so funny my sides are still aching 14 hrs later, it lifted a black depression which has haunted me all week a kind of low that was hard to deal with gone in minutes,the other half of the sure fire cure I STUMBLED INTO ,as You Tube will. , mixed up with the cats and dogs was one of my most respected entertainers mr NEIL DIAMOND now it  just so happens that I can mimic the great mans voice, Johnny Cash also, so I followed the thread and soon was singing at the top of my voice , normally I am very shy and would not sing out so loud in case anyone heard me but beloved had gone to bed and when she sleeps she sleeps,a low yield nuclear device exploding in the garden would have absolutely no effect, so I sang my heart out from 12 .30am until 3.30am, and folks it changed me yesterday I could have been hit by a bus and could not have cared less ,  today a new man, I slept soundly no dreams in short I feel good, better about myself, and the knowledge that I can sing, well its great, I am singing now as I type these words, I even used the Kayoed function on my litpot patolp laptop to sing without the two greatest most   charasmatic singessts butting in and you know I sounded ok I have not sang so loudly and so clear for 25 yrs or more, and I feel great. and guess what, I am booked for a repeat performance tonight,so if anyone hears a terrible screaming sound,,,,a bit likehalf a dozen cats in a spin dryer, its only me SINGING, try it and see if it works for you, its fantastic, sing out LOUD.


                                      FED DIAMOND CASH






  Well I will reply to myself then, I wont go over my previous post but will ad more info, with regard to nightime medication I am taking one 1.25 slow release at 11.30pm and another at  4.00 am this seems to be working but dont mention it, I did and I seem to have got away with it, even the bad dreams seem to have settled down just thought you would find this of some use, if you read this that is.

                                              Regards Fedeek


If you have any negative thoughts that won't shift, try tapping the centre of your forehead while muttering incoherently sort of like, "ting ting ticky ting ticky ticky ting ting ....", you get the idea. 


Save ££££££££'s on therapy and self help books does what it says on the tin. 

Disclaimer: use only on negative thoughts

do not:

use while driving

getting the shopping

picking up the kids




       For those truly hardy souls, there is always sky diving ,,,,,without the parachute , tough guys only please