A friend of someone with Parkinson's

For the past 20 months I have been a self employed paid carer for an elderly lady with Parkinson's and related dementia. My reason for joining the forum is that I found out recently a close friend of mine has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Although I know something about the condition already, he is newly diagnosed, in his early 70s. The lady I work for has had Parkinson’s for 8 years and is 85. So their situations are different as my friend (until recently) was very able and quite with it. More than the physical, I am concerned about this anxiety levels and memory problems. I want to be able to say that something can be done to help with this. But not sure what yet!! The lady I work for has patches to aid memory. As he is in the early stages, can his quality of life be improved, and can his anxiety be reduced? All comments welcome.
Hi jmf

Is your newly-diagnosed friend currently receiving any treatment and, if so, what?
Hi jmf,

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Your friend is lucky to have you. You also seem well versed in the disease and can guide your friend along and be an understanding shoulder to cry on (does this make sense? :flushed: ) What I mean to say is that you can provide both emotional and practical support for your friend.

Are you a full-time carer? How are you finding this? This is what I dread. I will be a carer for my mum but I have a rather weak character when it comes to relatives struck down with disease.

How is your friend handling it?

My mum is on Effexor to keep her calm but she has always been anxious so I cannot blame PD for this one :imp: Best to get to a neuro or PD nurse and see what they suggest. Too often the non-motor characteristics of PD are ignored. Seems like it's a case of "Take your tablets and think to yourself that it could be worse!". :rolling_eyes:

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