A fun way to exercise your brain - possibly

This is a bit different to a straightforward post but there’s nothing in the rules as far as I know, to say I can’t post in this way so thought I would give it a try. It will either work or it won’t lol
PS It’s not the best verse ever written but it does the job

This really happened and I am posting it in the creative corner for those who want to see it as a piece of verse and treatment and therapies in case anyone wants to see this particular programme as part of managing your Parkinson’s symptoms - and I do so only half in jest, I think it might genuinely help and be fun at the same time. I would be interested in any response from either ‘camp’


This evening I really thought
That I was going mad
I got my card out ready
To finish an order I had
All set up, just one more step to go

Into the kitchen I went
To make a cup of tea
The card was on counter top
But I moved it you see
Ready to return to complete the work

I picked up my cup
And went back to the site
But where was the card
It had seemed it had taken flight
Just where it had gone, I hadn’t a clue

I searched each room
Three times or more
I even looked in the fridge
Was it with the milk in the door?
I was all out of options nowhere to look

Then for no reason
I opened the drawer
Where the card normally lives
And my jaw hit the floor
Absolutely no recollection of putting it there

Earlier today,
I had joked with a friend
That my brain needs some exercise
It would be time well spent
And there is a perfect quiz that will do the job

But after this evening’s
Search for my card
And a brain that was working
At best just ajar
Maybe I should take this quiz a bit more to heart

And what is this quiz
You might wan to know
If you too have such moments
So I give the link down below

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I really enjoyed the writing… though definitely looks cool, the channel, too.
I lose everything but considering I always have and am waiting for an ADHD assessment:).

I had a go. Blooming hard but in a way quite reassuring - the contestants were often as bad as me! It was fun but after a bit gave up trying to do it and just watched the pace is fast and it changes direction quite a lot so it was quite tiring to try and keep up lol. It was worth having a go I think.

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It looked like it was recorded. You have a go doing it whilst watching?

yes i concentrated most on the questions asked about things just told about the contestants for eg not everything

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