A humble thank you


I'd just like to say big warm thankyou's to all my good friends for their support over the past month and more. This has been tremendously heartwarming and is very much appreciated.

Now, back to the cause.



Ray how lovely to have you back on the forum.

I have missed your sense of humour and most of all missed you!!!!
lots of love PB X

Nice to see a Ray of sunshine streaming into the forum from the top......

Now then, where is the quiz for Nelley's Pub?:wink:

welcome back ray:smile:missed u loads the forums been so quite with out u around:smile:,pop ur head in to the cafe ray me fantastic fryups ant the same with out u scoffin erm:laughing::wink:

Ray who? :grin:

Seriously welcome back ROS, its nice to have you on board the "parkinson's express" once again. Hopefully in future the station master wont throw you off the train for mis-behaving? Because you like all of us need to catch this train most days.

Quick all aboard, i think the ruddy train is about to leave.... :fearful:

Hi Ray it is so good to see your name here again. You have been missed.

Welcome back

Pebble xx

willkommen, bienvenu, welcome BACK.

Welcome back Ray
We haven't met before because I joined about the time you went on sabbatical.

Elegant Fowl

Welcome back Ray....how long for this time???? Nice to see you mate!


Hi there, welcome back:laughing:

Great welcomes from a genuinely nice bunch!


:grin: :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back from me too!
Your support is vital in a world where drug companies rule the roost.

Aaw thanks, GG!