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its me again  I am very parkified  today lots of involuntary movements  pressed post before I even started don't know how to delete sorry 

hope you get under control & welcome.what meds are you taking & times.

i have stuffed this again opps bear with me Gus and I will get there

hello Gus oh I am hopeless today so here I go again Thank you for the welcome Gus I would be wonderful to have just a little control meds a rolla coaster ride for 7 years at the moment Madapor 200mg 4 times a day starting at 6 am Azilect 1mg daily plus 300mgs of venlafaxine daily usually with breakfast and for sleep clonazepam

have you tried messing around with times of drugs they reckon it  takes about half an hr to start working ie on .then last for about 4hrs .as your are suffering bad dyskinesa are you over medicating ,a very wise person on this forum gave me some good advice and i have had pd for 9yrs ,she said little and often may be worth a try helped me ,i take sinemet 125mg 8am/ 62.5mg 10am /125mg 12noon /62.5mg 2pm/ 4pm 125mg / 6pm 62.5mg / 8pm 125mg then 10pm 250mg cr.  all the best gus

thanks for the advice Gus I could do that as the Madopar is easy to break up into smaller portions It actually makes sense  cheers denise

nothing to lose try a tweaks each day !