A level project: The impact on families

Hi all,

I am currently in sixth form conducting an Extended Project Qualification on the impact of families with patients who suffer from Parkinson disease.

If anyone is happy to share any experiences or opinions of the topic above I would really appreciate it. If it is all right will I be able to use some of your experiences in my project to carry out the investigation I am completing.

Thank you in advance,


Maybe not on open forum but perhaps via a link to a well constructed questionnaire. Your request is non specific, areas such as, relationships, communication, mood,daily living, etc.................., as there are so many combinations and permutations of family members, carer, siblings, extended family, for a start,  and how  Parkinsons impacts upon them.I have almost done your questions for you!!!

I wish you well but I am not surprised that, as yet, you have not received any replies. There are plenty of posts on this forum where you could glean a  fount of information on  the subject.