A little bit of goodness

Six years ago, we moved into our present bungalow. It was surrounded by a sea of gravel, and as my wife uses a wheelchair, totally unsuitable. So changes were made, and we soon had a concrete slab drive, and garden path.

The back garden has two red robin bushes, but not much in the way of colour. Yesterday, my son took me to a garden centre, where we choose several plants which would add a splash of colour.

Usually after an hour of weeding, I am very tired. But after planting the new plants out, I had a feeling of real satisfaction, and still feel that this morning.

There has been a lot said about gardening lifting your spirits, and I can now say that is very true…


I am sure that you are right, my husband was a keen gardner, grew most of our vegetables but Parkinsons has stopped him gardening as he is too unsteady and can not move backwards without falling.

Hi k800mer.

That is a great shame. We grow a few veg in raised beds. My wife who has MS, can sit and plant the seeds.

I also have difficulty walking and standing, so I do not often get onto the garden, without something like a fork to use as a stick.

All the plants are thriving, so there is some colour at last.

Yes, gardening helps me too as the other half of someone with PD. When my patience wears thin… the garden gives me a break.

Hi dinky.

A change is as good as a rest, and the results are worth the effort. It’s not hard work if you enjoy it, and you get either flowers or veg, at the end.