A little scared but coping ok

found this forum by internet search as went to doctors and he say possible PD but not 100% sending me to specialist but i forget what specialist is called..he say got a the signs.
only went to doctor as was tired a bit during the day and restless legs with slight tremor on right leg and hands at times but only at times..wife says short term memory is sometimes bad in that sometimes i cant remember what i did the day before and sometimes major things a week before in fact forgot what i have done before 8am this morning I get so frustrated at that as well....fingers get pain in joints a bit which i had put down to working on cars since left school but i did notice i sometimes have difficulty in doing up small bolts or holding small things even writing hurts and is difficult...a few times i freeze and forget while typing on pc or saying things sometimes repeating myself a few times as i forgot i said it and carry on as nothing has happened(noticed by a few people)
I am 35 years old and feel like i have nowhere to turn to but after browsing this forum and main page seems like i am not alone which made me feel much better
Hi jay,

It sounds like you've got a lot of PD symptoms, hopefully when you've seen the specialist (neurologist?) you'll get a better diagnosis and you'll know what your dealing with. It's understandable that your a bit scared, there's lots of information, advice and people to talk to on here who understand and can help with your concerns.

Take Care!
I agree with Gill, have all your tests done and see what happens and you can rely on us to help you with your queries.
Hi Jay

You are certainly not alone, as there will always be someone here to answer your queries and give you support. Please let us know how you get on.
noticed there is a meet group in my town once a month so will likely pop along and see as not far from where i live which is handy
hiya welcome to the forum ,im ali ,i bin dx for 10 years now,and im 42 years old,ino exactly were u r comin from ,i was scared at first,cus we so yopung as well.but like u i found this forum and mae friends and people join togeather as one and try to help one another,there is great surport here for u ,we have chats in the cafe so ur welcome to pop in and join us,and ask anythin u would like to no ,there is plenty of people on here that will have a snswer for u .u say about ur local group,that is a good idea ,i go to mine,it not a young persons group cus that to far awy ,it has older people ,but i got took under there winds so to speak and now i love goin ,i do lot of fundraisin for my group and pduk as well. so goin to ur group will help u to ,im sure it will gettin out there and meetin people with pd and bein abkle to talk about it is the main key i find ,i wish u luck ,and please post on here ,i will love to see u about ,x:smile:
Hi Jay,

I assume from your 'name'that you live in the same neck of the woods as me. If you like to contact me privately I can let you know if you are by any chance under the same hospital as me.

Keep smiling
Hello Jay, My husband has pd. although he is a lot older than you (he is 65 now and was diagnosed 6 years ago) he will not go to meetings for some reason, think he is scared he will see someone with really bad symptoms , I went to a meeting at Felixstowe, the people there were lovely and friendly, I just wish he would go as I found it very helpful.
If you have a chance go and see the local group nearest you I am sure you will soon make friends and find the help invaluable. By the way there were several younger people there not all old fogeys like me.
Welcome to the forum Jay. Ask away and I am sure you will get prompt, helpful replies and hopefully realise you can live with PD.

MaggieB: I know where your husband is coming from. I made myself a lifetime member of my state chapter of PD upon knowing mum's diagnosis. When I was filling out the form there was a question "Do you want the local support group leader to contact you" (or something similar). I answered with a polite "Not at this time, thanks" (what I really meant was "NO, NEVER!!"). All the videos I have seen on the topic feature able-bodied people - playing bowls, in their "on" state. That is what I want to see and if I don't see that in _every_ person :rolling_eyes: at a Parkinson's group, my morale will take a beating :disappointed: Sorry for venting :fearful:

Best wishes,
@maggie I live in felixstowe as well and that was the meet i was going to go along and see
Jay a big welcome to the forum, you will meet loads of nice lads and lasses here who are very helpful. Ask anything you wish and one or more of them will jump in to answer. I hope you will be happy and comfortable here.

All the best of everything to you