A Little Warning

I am very slow at this time Parky is gnawing at my thought process dept so please excuse any errors. My problem is this, on Daily Living I answered a post by dr johnny on Depression, its a subject which I am only too well aware of, so I poured my heart out, yes I was probably on site over my allotted time and for that I appologise but as I said PD is hovering, and I did try to make the post readable , so I finaly complete and pressed post , and there it was GONE would a gentle reminder that this old brain has to do a Lewis Hamilton, and complete the task or lose it a notice or a beep or perhaps in my case a very loud BANG in order to awaken my dull sleepy Brain.
Sorrry I am always a grumbly old g,.!t at this time of year.
Have a great New Year, best Wishes fedexlike (FED)
If I think that a post is going to take some time to compose I draft it in Word and then copy and paste it.
That's Brilliant why didn't I think of that, and more to the point why didn't my
wife she was a secretary for 38 yrs, we will have a discussion.
Thankyou worrals may your camel have many camelets
Glad to be of assistance Fed.

Worrals :smile:
Good morning worrals, I feel Extraordinarily well this morning OLD BLACKHEART
has loosened his grip and I must take advantage, so out comes the BEAST LIKE
Lewis Hamilton shooting out of the Mercedes Garage to do a fast lap at Brands
my trusty steed MISS MOBILE releases herself from a weeks slumber and its down to the shops café off licence "for tonight", she who must be obeyed is calling
come on Michael Schumacer I want some shopping, and who is this NORMAN DAY, WHEN
ARE YOU SEEING HIM "Yes dear put a new battery in "

Thank you for your help and kind words in 2012 we will chat again no doubt
in 2013 BEST WISHES fed:grin::sunglasses::wink:
I'm finding myself reading items on the forum more and more, partly because they lift my spirits thanks to people like you FedEx!

Happy new year to you all
Miss Mobile was active this morning, I was awake at 4am and I mean awake, so I
dressed and shaved ,clean underwear, just in case I get hit by a bus truck or car
I would prefer the latter, any way I had no collisions on my way home and called at my local paper shop, the time was 5.10 am and as luck would have it the flower shop next door was also taking its fresh flowers ,specially flown in from
specially grown flower Land, so I thought???? yes a special treat of specially
flown in flowers from spe,,,,,,,you know the rest, Im off track again,.The bloke in the shop is always a grumbly old b....r, "Im not open yet come back at 8, unfortunately FEDEX was on song and told him "LOOK LOOK YOUR DOOR IS OPEN AND YOU HAVE POCKETS" and after much grumbling I purchased some lovely flowers for my lovely wife. She came down stairs at 8.30am resembling the runner up in a gurning
contest ,walked straight past the beautiful vase "whats that funny smell" I brought her attention to her special gift, "Its not my Birthday, how much where did you get them at this time of the morning",,,,,YOUR WELLCOME DEAR as I sat down
to read my paper. Happy Days Fed:frowning: