A massage gadget for my aching shoulders?

I suffer from aches and pains in my neck and shoulders and would like to buy a gadget that I can use for massaging my poor muscles.  The trouble is, the places I want to massage are inaccessible.

Has anyone found a solution for this problem?


I have just taken delivery of a "Zen Lifestyles ET-01 Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager with Infrared" from Amazon (link http://www.amazon.co.uk/Zen-Lifestyles-Physio-Massager-Infrared/dp/B000WE1UIK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453635616&sr=8-1&keywords=zen+reviber )

Pretty darn good so far.



I treat myself once a fortnight to a massage and book one for my OH, the PWP, once a month. I suffer terribly with knotted muscles in my neck and shoulders and find that once a fortnight keeps the dreaded knots at bay. OH just finds it relaxing, I wish!

Our therapist seeks out the problem areas and sorts them out.

I may manage to use the gadget but my OH couldn't possibly manage to use it.

I would also point out that by using this gadget you are, at the same time as massaging  your shoulder muscles, you are also using them to hold the thing so that they are not even relaxed in the first place.

Lying face down for a massage with no muscles actively in use allows the therapist to do their work.

If it works for you then fine but I would recommend a proper massage with someone who knows what they are doing rather than a machine  for self use which may cause more harm than good.

Hi Benji,

I completely agree with you that such a gadget cannot replace a proper massage performed by a qualified practitioner.  However, there are times when my shoulders hurt and I need a bit of relief.


At those times I use a heat pad. Right now I am in pain and hopefully a good night's sleep will help.

Not much help, I'm afraid, but I went to a gift fair last year and tried out an electric massage cushion.

You could put it where you liked and lean back in your chair against it.It was the size of a small cushion and gave a lovely massage.

I think it was about ££25.... Maybe someone can recognise it and give you some details....





​Just typed massage cushion into a Google box...there are loads of them..this is one..



Hi I also have awful pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders which results in a heavy woozy head. For the last 17 years I have had great results from my TENS machine for an existing back problem and it certainly helps me when set to massage. Also my GP is a qualified accupuncturist and every few weeks treats me with the needles......bliss. He actually feels the tight muscles popping as they relax. I wish I could have it done more often. Hope this helps you a little.

best wishes Dolly

The lady that gives me my fortnightly massage loves popping the knots in my muscles and is disappointed when they are very few.

My mother with PD finds relief from using a wheat bag which you heat in the microwave, it seems to loosen the tension in the muscles.

By the end of the day, my shoulders and neck are very painful.

The heated beanbag that I bought a few years ago at a summer fair and a battery operated hand held massager are the best help for me, plus some Paracetemol if needed.

The massager also helps with the lumps I get from the needle of the ApoGo pump.

best wishes



i use a tens machine, i feel for the point of the muscle that hurtds and stick a pad on it. then stick a pad on the same side of the spine at the other end of the muscle and on my machine i have the choice of TENS, MASSAGE and EMS. It's £60 but i find it great and use it regularly. You would need to check if it is ok for you to use one. There are other cheaper ones available but i have not used them. You may be able to get one from the NHS for a free hire. It definitely worked on my shoulders and neck. You can walk around with it on.


I have regular sports massage. It maybe​ too heavy​ for most people but I am a firm believer in all forms of massage​ as being theraputic.

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agree, but massage of any type is if used properly will relieve muscle tension, however you need to find out why you are getting this tension and see if you can do something about it plus make sure you use the aching muscles by exercising them, that costs nothing and takes only a few mins per day in your own home.I put my neck pain  to using the pc too much and having too many pillows in bed , plus of course exercise those muscles to keep them moving.

Hi was just thinking i have a prolapsed disk and my leg is agony  been struggling to walk.Does anyone think a tens machine or massage would help ease pain. My neurologist has prescribed me Pregabalin.Is making me feel a bit out of it.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheersxx  awaiting physio but 3 weeks later not heard anything.

lasgow girl

check out       kegel 8/articles/prolapse

What did you choose finally? Hope that you’re okay now and feel good. For those who try to choose a massage cushion here is the professional review