a mug of tea and apacket of jaffa cakes

hello I am new 59 single,good looking with a sense of humour Parkinson sufferer diagnosed 2000,i take loads of pills,sometimes on time,that is if I havent lost them or used them to replace the ones I lost the day before.I also have an arthritic hip which they wont replace because their a risk of dislocation during recovery
due to involuntary movements. I have lupus and had a heart attack over a year ago.But the daffies are out ’ the birds are tweeting,the pigeons are at it again .the rain has stopped and the sun is shining.I got a mug of tea and a packet of Jaffa cakes I got a smile on my face and I am happy


Well good for you. You too have a lot to deal with i could not agree more.
I just love jaffa cakes with a mug of tea heaven.

Take Care Babs x

hi big joe
im keith 51 yrs young got a great sense of humour but looks are questionable
where do you live
im a big tea fan and jaffa cake lover
had 2 heart attacks in march 2017
first one i put down to heart burn
second one floored me
then in november was tested for parkinsons and guess what
i got it
but till it kills me it can come along for the ride
keep smiling
get 2 packets of jaffas and a big tea pot
i’ll be there

take care

Good for you - that’s the attitude we all ought to have. Keep it up. (I’m on Caramel rice cakes by the way)

Parkinson’s might beat me eventually but I’m not going to give it a moments rest.
Whatever it takes it can have.
I’ll find something else to entertain myself.
I’m 57 and I’ve had a great life.
Parkinson’s can’t stop me!
It can slow me down.
Make me change direction.
It can really mess me around.
It will never bring me to a standstill though.

Thanks to everyone for the welcome.I have to admit I not always so upbeat.I am only human, not superman.but I must say I kinda like the feel of tights against my skin.Yeh well,Ive no had such a good time of it,my jerky movements have got worse ,I am on two packets of Jaffa cakes now and I still feel like bursting into tears well I have lots of times.But tomorrows another day and you pick yourself,and you do your best and carry on,I don’t know how but you do,cause if you don’t your beat.and you gonna get fat eating two packets of Jaffa cakes a day

Cry if you want to.
I have become more emotional since my diagnosis.

I have decided that for everything the Parkinson’s takes away from me , my love for everything and everybody else is going to rise in direct proportion.

It may seem wierd but it’s working so far and I feel a better person for it.

So in a strange way the Parkinson’s is making me a nicer and kinder bloke.


Hi Hubby you are sounding very positive which is good.

I can feel quite positive but when my tremor lasts for a few hours and I cannot speak properly all my positiveness leaves me.

I suppose I have had to be a positive person to get to where I am today !!!

Babs I am quite compulsive so it is best to be compulsively positive rather than compulsively negative.

Yes Hubby you are correct.

Hi hubby
I had a great day yesterday. So many people turned up. All various stages. So much personalities
I learned how many people coped
Like myself i am and try to be positive but now and again i like to let off some steam . But it isnt directed at anyone. But i do it privately dont want people to see me talking and swearing at myself or think im a nut case lol
I found quite a few others told me they do the same
A bit of shouting and raving helps my blood pressure and makes me feel better
When i can shout out loud about what and how i feel
Wish you the best

Glad you had a good time.
I’ve never been happy in crowds. Even when I was healthy.
We’ll have to organise a meeting here in Spain. Get you guys some warm weather.
I had a strange thing happened in the night.
I felt like I was paralysed. Could not move.
Couldn’t even shout or reach my phone.
It only lasted a few minutes but it was very scary.