A new member *waves*


just thought i would say “hello” as i’ve just signed-up for these forums :slight_smile:

Dad’s just been diagnosed yesterday with parkinsons and us three brothers are now trying to figure a ‘game plan’ of what to do next. [things maybe like moving Dad closer to family / home help maybe] as we are all ‘grown up’ now (cough!) with our separate lives i don’t want this to get ahead of us and we are forever then playing catch-up

i hope in the coming months / years to constructively contribute something to this forum, although you can bet it will be badly spelt with terrible grammar :slight_smile:

Hi @UltraViolet

Welcome to the forum, I am sure the Parkinson’s community will share their experiences with you. However, I would suggest that you contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 or
email: [email protected] to get some information and if appropriate a referral to your local adviser.

Kind regards

Sue - Moderation Team

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Hi UltraViolet, The best thing I ever did when I found I had Parkinsons was to find out if there was a local Parkinsons group in my area, I must admit the Hinckley & District group have been a godsend for me during the lockdown, also before and after. I would recommend this action to everyone to find out if there is a local group in your area you can attend


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Thanks, I’ll look into the local group in my Dad’s area first before we go any further