A new telly

A short time ago we bought a new tv.LED,100Hz 32" etc etc.
With no input source selected it gives a blue screen. As we all know by now, the
freqency of the colour blue seems to help us so, eachnight for a week I will have
one hour bathed in 100 Hz blue room to see what happens and report back any results.
what will you do if it works?
Hey whitenoise!!!!

I hope it works...if it works with a 32" TV it is patently obvious that it'll work better still on a 60" one. Therefore it is vital that all pwp NEED a 60" tele!!!

That's what I'm telling my wife!!

....if it works,I will sell the idea and see the money roll in.:wink:
50" TV ? Blue comes into your eyes,along your optic nerve and into into the brain.
If the TV is too big blue will run out of your ears:grin:

Enough nonsense for one day, time for my " blue bath"