A proper winter

   I fear we are in for a hard winter this year and the beginning of next, its looking like snow this week and I am not looking forward to it,I cant stand too  cold or too hot,my body cant seem to regulate itself ,I used to love the snow playing outside with my kids in a blizzard was my idea of great fun ,cant remember when I last did that. At least I seem to have the sleep problems under control, I did not reduce the dose of the slow release  ,but added my Clonazapam ,also at 1.ooam and up to now its working but dont say too much as Lady Luck rarely smiles in my direction at the moment, but my mood is improving all the time now I have also rebuilt bridges with a certain person and  feel better about that, the least said Eh.

                             Well I wont go on bending your ears, ? that should be eyes really , how do you bend a eye.

                                            Kindest Regards  Fed

Glad to hear things are on the improve, Fed. We just have to get through these next 3 months, and then it will be all ticketty boo from there. It's my first full winter here since 2006-7, so I too am finding it a nad (or even a tad) difficult. Roll on spring!


Hi Fedex


Like you I too are not looking forward to winter it's the constant tremors in my hand with cold weather, even tried thinsulated gloves to stop it, but to no avail!

Shiver me timbers!


I`m old enough to remember those two really bad Winters...........Mike and Bernie razz

? that was very siilly  or scilly,  nope silly, ,,thats the one   Jacko I am assuming you are naming those winters that stand out in your memory in the same context and grouping as our friends across the Atlantic  name their hurricanes I cant  recall Mike  and Bernie though, I have detailed recollection of the names I used to call them but they cannot be repeated here????AH I GET ITyou mean the comedians,  and I say that with some reservations,,or is that where the white man sent the once proud and great red men and women and children and horses and dogs and cats,and hamsters after  first trying to wipe them out ? Sorry very silly there!. I have had a bit of a kicking off old parky on two days last week, how does it know I am going to do something I really want to do, something that I will really enjoy,  "no not that"  I went to the local rifle range with my son in law its relaxing plinking the targets and although the Dyski was bothersome my accuracy was very good and my grouping on the bulls nice and neat, in fact they were so neat I put 25 pellets through the same .22 sized hole good eh in fact BRILLIANT ? however parky was determined to interfere and despite taking a boost from the D Dopa I had missed the warning signs , tingling in my fingers slowing  slurring speech double vision ,I was so excited telling all my fellow shootists of my amazing accuracy I just forgot to remember to look out for the signs well I wont go over them again as you can see them clearly printed above.     Sheryll  have you been at the single malt, you look slightly odd, not like the last picture of you, maybe its my eyesight .  Thank you all for taking time out to reply to my post Jacko  Sheryll    and Sheila, I hope you all sleep well tonight  and have no visits to night terror land               Best wishes and Kindest REGARDS



Morning Sheryll.  thats much better, and you look happy too its good to be happy when you can before parky notices and steamrollers it out of you. Take  last night, for about 4hrs I genuinely thought I had eliminated PD I was fully mobile mental and physically I had no pain in my joints no dyskinesia I began to look back through the day to try and  recall if I had  differed from  my usual route or medication , there was nothing, so I naievely thought to myself  may be I have beaten the BLACKHEART BEAST  I felt s  o well maybe I am the first human whose own imune system has obliterated the evil disease, I went to bed hardly able to sleep for exitement at my earth shattering news,then at 7.00am I awoke , crippled during my sleep I had allowed my defences to relax   "defences defences" oh yes I have to paint the fences today, any way my  brief escape from the clutches of the pig was only temporary, has any one else had this occur to them and would it be a direction that research might look using the bodies own defences to defeat PD,is that possible                                 


Hello Fed

yes I occasionally have a good few hours or half day and can t believe it, get very excited only for Pd to return the next day . Even though I know it s going to be short lived I try to make the most of the respite.

bw  samdog




Hello Samdog

It is disappointing but I thought it would only be a short spell , I have been trying to do a bit of work outside today as it is fine and dry but as usual I go at it like a bull in a sweet shop? and I used up my ration of energy in 10 mins, I have no strength I was going to watch the cricket but that would be suicidal,so I will sit and read I bought a aircraft magazine yesterday so Ill settle for that, the next thing all my family will arrive all at the same time with no warning ,why do they do that, you never see or here from them for months then bang it like being at a football derby match ,,any minute now.


Hello again Sheryll

Is that really you are you a master of animal impressons second to none or are you capable of chameleon like changes to match your surroundings, either way you  are brilliant at it, have you ever tried the Blue Whale for size, I was on holliday in Florida and went on a whale spotting trip in a very small boat, after only 15 mins a massive Grey Whale surfaced, it  turned on its side and opened its vast jaw and the sound of someone singing was noticed by all , this bloke suddenly appeared and said as he climbed aboard, "ALL GOOD SINGERS COME FROM WHALES",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AL  GET ME COAT



Do the Clonazepam provide relief and do tell me; how long you have been taking these and how many  do you eat per day.

I ask as I find the Clonazepam 0.5mg (one at night) give respite from insomnia, restless legs, agitation, anxiety, low mood and they also reduce my tremor.

But, if you go to askapatient.com and read the comments there, many who use Clonazepam report

problems of addiction, withdrawal problems, reduced effectiveness over time and other side effects.

I currently eat four Sinemet Plus per day and a Clonazepam at night. This has been my system for a year now. This drug combination helps but results are erratic.

I am 62 and dx two years ago.

Also if you are using duodopa, can you explain the workings of this and it's beneficial

and downside effects.

Some days, I feel brand new and make plans. Other days the reverse applies.

Thanks for your entertaining posts.



Hello Sir

I take only one Clonazepam 2mg12.30 along with the 1.25mg slow release Madopar capsule, I think I am becoming tolerant of the Clzpam as they dont seem to make much differance now , the Duodopa on the other hand has made a big positive effect , my mobility is much improved in fact everything in my waking hours is much improved since I had the device fitted last March ,it has not been all plain sailing mind ,and many tweeks and adjustments have been made in the last few months but I am achieving exellent   results now and would not like to revert back to the capsules as it was impossible to keep parky in its cage , now I have the upper hand as Ddpa feeds a constant steady flow of Dopameine into my small intestine so I dont suffer the massive  fluctuations while on the capsules, the main downers with Ddpa are its unsightly and a bit  unweildy also  its a bit weighty, but I soon accepted it and it doesnt bother me now, it has to be taken off every night and flushed with clean water which might sound a bit unpleasant but needs must, and of course cleanliness is of the most importantance in order to avoid infection, it all comes down to self  discipline and teamwork as my wife is of course my carer ,a role she carries out with great skill.  Between Ddpa and my wife they keep me going and long may it be so, just to recap ,the pump is removed at 11.15 and I take the slow release and  Clonazepam at the times mentioned above,,through the night I become very retarded and I will chat to my consultant on that topic next week.  I hope this has made things a bit clearer, but you should  know Ddopa is not a cure it is a stepping stone which hopefully will enable me to hold on until the cure is found, which all of us hope will not be far away now.              All the very best for the New Year                Fed

Hi Fed,

Happy New Year!

Hope you can get through these last few months of cold wet weather, and look forward to spring coming.

Thank you Sheryll and may you escape any harm if our ferocious weather is battering your part of  our land, I was hoping I would not be around to see the effects of climate change but its looking as if we are already in the doo doo ,and it will not ease off just to please mankind,, that word mankind always sticks in my throat a bit MAN,,,,,KIND, look at Syria the Sudan meglamaniacs like the nut case leading North Korea, and Russia, the tory government who are doing a sort of reverse Robin Hood policy taking from the poor and the sick while lining the pockets of their friends in the city with their off shore accounts, sorry Sheryll when I get on my soap box I tend to go on and on and on and on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well you know what I mean  thi s new laptop is plaing up it will not obet mmmeeeeee a good kick up the a???e should cure iyt


I have been watching the weather in the US  and I thought POLAR VORTEX, apparently its like a hurricane  but with snow,  everything is bigger over there and the climate can change county   to county you can experience a multitude of variations of meteorological precipitations  within 500 mtrs. and we think we have odd weather,,how strange.