A python in the chest

proffesionals seem to want to rapidly pass over this chest topic.

I am pretty active but regularly in the afternoons i am laid low by an uncomfortable feeling grabbing me across the chest. The onset doubles me up. At the same time i experience a tremor across my chest which fights against the rythm of my natural bteathing. During these attacks, which occur whether i have been occopied sitting or leaping about, the hunch i develop also makes my walking, oft heavy in the pm, become no more than a charlie chaplin shuffle. I recover only after a couple of hours sleep.

Any one get the same?
Hi Scribbler, Don't have experience with what you're describing myself, but know I've read on other forums similar comments. Would try posting on Neurotalk forum or National Parkinson's Foundation. NPF has several forums including Ask the Doctor. Best of luck to you, Lin2