A return to the fold

For those  kind  souls  who remember old  FEDEXLIKE  well I am  his  brother  OTANHEAVY    yes its a strange but interesting  desiignation with connections  to  NATO,, but  I wont  bore   you with  that, so  Fed  is  ded  (not)   and I will be taking up  the battle in  his  place  i  hope you will excuse  the  spilling  mistakates  but  the  old brain has  been hammered and  my  memory is rubbish I  have  importantish postlyness to  inflict  with much clout but  not  at  this  posting  I  mainly wish to re introduce myself of course   any  words of  enporridgement  for  myself  nd  my  old  bro  FED  will be the  cause of  much gladdliness  to me.

                                               B  F  N                  OTANHEAVYcool

Hi OTAnheavy 222

   Nice to see you back bro of  fed , hope things are hanging together for you ,

guess we will have to get used to the change in name though the humor sounds the same lol

what prompted the change ?

  Live well bro.  Cc

Hell  CC  one  too  many  hits  my  friend  i  just  felt I  was  not  worthy,,, and  as the probs  piled  up  and  the shutdowns  got  longer I  ground too a  stop,,  ut  A  OK  now,the  amazing power  of  the  mind  eh  its  amazingly  amazing???question markcool


                                                               KINDEST  REGARDS

Hi Otanheavy,

Welcome back to the forum!

Best wishes,


hi otanheavy

                          glad to hear fed is ok can you give him a big smile from gus ! razz

Good  morrow  members  of top  FORUM

Its great having a line of  a  line of communication  available to  my  friends as  things have turned very  chilly  at  OTAN  MANOR, and its nowt  to  do with the weather, one of the reasons I have  been silent was the strain on my relationship  caused  by  obsessive  behaviour ,I  have spent a lot of dosh  on  ebay adding  to  my collection of  1/50  scale  models,   all  were purchased to re create scenarios  in which  I  was involved  or would have   liked  to have  been  involved  in during my time in the  Earth  moving  b usiness

       I  have constructed many dioramas  very realistic 1/50  scale  mini  scenes which  give  endandless  satisfaction,  now  i know  it  sounds  geeky and  yes the models are not cheap but  its  a  good  hobby


coolSORRY  I  was running out of  time  so I  will crack on

                  First  i am not breaking the  bank here we  are not  millionairs  but  not exactly  skint  and  always work to a budget  so that arguument will not fly its mainly my  wife  just wo accept the fact that a 65yr  old  male  invests time and  money  in  toys  TOYS  THEY  ARE NOT  the  works of  miniart are extremely well detailed and all have a place if  anyone would like to view  leave a message with a  email  and  I  WILL  send  pics  also its very difficult to  walk and get   about so my art is theraputic  and stimulates my  braincells   all  7 of  them  but  its making life  awkward and very strained, oh and  just  in case we do  go out for  meals cinema etc  and  I have offered to change our 5yr old  TOYOTA YARIS FOR THE LATEST MODEL  to  no  effect,, no  I   am  sure its me  the  neeting of minds is malfunctioning  and  i  see  no  way back  answers   please

        Kindest  regards                                                Otanheavy


coolThankyou for  the warm  wellcome  CC  Joanne  and   of  course  Gus,,FED  has told me  about your witty quips  I  will try to  emulate my  sibling as accurately as possible  so  accurately  you  wont  even know the  difference,

                                  KINDEST REGARDS   Otanheavy

                      or  Otan  if  you  prefer

look forward to our talks my friend

So Good to have you back in the fold young FED  whoooooooooops.......me old rocker!!!

keeeeeeeeeeeeep smiling

luv Dolly xx

Otan ..............that sounds like an old Greek god sat on a mountain lol

maybe Otan the O God of Parkinsons    :-)) lol

   Live well bro.  Cc

I would have thought FED's brother would be Unimaginably Profound Subtext or just Wilson.

I await my next lesson in coding hidden messages in posts.



i spotted you fed on your first post when i saw the 'sky raider' i thought there cant be two people in the world who write the same , but didn't like too say, Welcome  back.

Hello  Kendo  and  Sea  Angler

                         Having  been  deprived of  meaningful phlosofyingity  for such a lengthy  timescale my brain  has gone into sleep mode and  has to be constantly  prodded  with  a  pencil to  bring it  on line, I   have  considered  jump leads but that would b silly  even  sillier  than dribbling  nitro glycerine  into  my right ear  and   shaking  my  head,  would  you  concur,  or  is  that a  game with  nuts  on the end  of a  string,,  hmmm  same  difference,    it  would  de wax my  ears  and  everyone  elses  within 100mtrseek


       Glad  to  be  back                                         Otan                       heavy


cooleek Good MORROW Sir

            I  TRUST YOU ARE WELL this  morning  my friend ,is that you in the descent  if it is youve  got  some bottle , I  tried  PARASCENDING  and  MICROLIGHTS  and preferred the lattter it was  a course  over six weeks I  was  going  ahead with  it but  the week before I  was presented with old BLACKY, and thus my  joy of flying ground to a plummetingwreck  its all take take with pd isnt it  my  flying driving  writing walking   GRAPPtalking eating and of course my job which  I loved all scrapped, I do have the enjoyable hobby  creating  dioramas utilising my 1/50 scale  models  but my wife objects if I  purchase anything at all , I BOUGHT  new NIKON  top of the range Camera and three lenses plus every possible  accessories I will need as I intend  taking  a course in  FOTOE  GRAFFY  ill  have  a qualification in  photogrphy then  its  amazingly amazing ,,,the  camera that is  mst  go  hospital, prostate cancer.  will explain later.

                                         OTAN    heavy

A very worrisome close to your last post, Otan!  We'll all be waiting to hear from you, hoping things go as well as they can. 

Thinking of you while awaiting your next post,


Hello  CC  I am reliably  informed  OTAN  is  the  god  of  SILLY  in  other words  he  presides  over those of us that  often  find ourselves in  SILLY  situations  ,so  Im ok  then  , he  resides  in  ,,,,  yes  youve  guessed  it,,the  SILLY  ISLES  ,,no  thats  silly , OTAN   means   Organization  Treaties  Atlantiqe  Northern  ,, part of NATO    and  the heavy  refers to  any  large  Aircraft  or above   255 000   lbs  laden or  mt,,then  you  have  large   41000  lbs  laden  or  mt  then  small  up to  41000 lbs  incluing  all  light  aircraft. it  was  always  a wish  to visit the  flight deck  of a 747  which was the heaviest   at  over  400  tons  but the largest I  MANAGED  WAS a  767,  and  now we  have the  A380 which  can weigh  in at  almost 610 000lbs  emty  and  a collosal  1,200 000 lbs  max  take off  weight.