A sad story with a happy ending

I have read the many posts on this subject going back years and would dedicate this story to those
past and present, that have suffered and whose families are less fortunate than those in my story those who continue to fight for answers and hopefully, one-day will help find a cure for the complex condition we share.

I first came across the problem of impulsive and compulsive behavior around 20 years ago.
At the time I was a Manager with a Company who employed a very bright young man who was very well thought of and had worked his way up to Supervisor from being an Apprentice.
It was before bank transfers became the norm and we paid the men`s wages by cash.
Every Thursday the Supervisor would deliver the packets to site. However, one week I started to get phone calls saying he had not been to site and by finishing time I had a riot on my hands, no one had been paid.
I tried unsuccessfully to make contact with him, he had not rung home and all manner of things were going through my mind.
Had he been mugged or involved in an accident and lying in a Hospital somewhere?
Eventually, he rang me at home sounding distraught and suicidal.
He had spent the afternoon in the Bookies and lost all the money gambling! He was unable to face his wife or tell her what he had done.
By the time I went round to see his wife (they also have a baby girl) to explain the situation and why he was not coming home that night, her Mam and Dad had arrived. I will never forget that meeting, his wife, through floods of tears, telling me he had Parkinsons Disease but was not aware of his gambling problem.
The sum involved was fairly substantial, however, her Father said the family would repay the loss if the Company gave them some time and would be prepared not to prosecute.
I can now tell you, with the support from his wider Family the debt was cleared.
He still contacts me from time to time and continues to work for the same Company, (Thanks to my boss at the time) albeit not in a Supervisory role.
He remains happily married to his wife and their little girl gets married next month.
They have invited me to the Wedding.
I hope their happiness continues.

After typing this I pondered a long time before posting it in fear of opening some old wounds, then I came to the conclusion “if we don’t share, people in the future won’t care”
I do hope you find this story of some hope for the future

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Wow Mal, that is some story. Madness to think what was going through his mind sat there in the bookies gambling everybody’s wages.

HiWildrover, Thanks Ian for reading the story in the first place, and your response.
I have to admit, I thought I knew this lad quite well. I was speechless when his wife told me he had PD. I am also ashamed to admit I was sceptical when it was later found to be as a result of the medication. That just goes to show my ignorance, along with most people regarding the side affects?
I hope you andy your family are well.