A Shared Blog

I’ve been diagnosed with PD for 5 years so its taken a while to come here. I’ve started a blog to share my experiences and hopes regarding Parkinsons and I would really like to open it up to others to contribute to give a variety of perspectives. Is it OK to post a link and further details here? Its not for profit so there is no advertising.
Thanks, look forward to chatting on here.

Hi @fizzgog,

Welcome to the community! We have a very supportive bunch on this forum, as I’m sure you will soon find out.

Our goal here is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. I think it’s fantastic that you’ve started a blog and you are more than welcome to share it here. A big part of support is being able to share experiences - so by all means, please do!

Please also feel free to browse the website as we have a lot of helpful material, as well as a helpline if you ever need an ear or have questions (0808 800 0303).

Best wishes,
Forum Moderation Team

Thanks Joy, much appreciated!

Here is the link: https://tremr.blogspot.com/

I would love to include more stories from others with PD, carers, family, medical professionals if anyone would like to contribute. I would properly attribute you unless of course you prefer to be anonymous.