A sit-down pedalling exercise bike?

Hi, I wondered if there was one that anyone could recommend? I've tried looking on amazon but am keying in the wrong key words... I did ask this a couple of years ago and didn't follow it up, and can't seem to find the thread.

Obviously I don't mean something too heavy, just something with a bit of resistance.
Hi Clive,

Here's your previous post with the suggestions from other forum members: http://bit.ly/rTJUjH

They suggested looking on comparison sites and suggested search terms to help you with this.

You might also want to ask you GP to refer you to an occupational therapist (OT) to ask for suggestions-- I think you said in the old thread that you wanted to find a bike that your mother couldn't fall off. Is that still right?

I hope this helps. If it doesn't--I'm sure you know what I'll say next: try calling the helpline. One of the advisers specialises in equipment and adaptations.

Nice to a moderator offering help and advise rather than warnings or bans! I must admit i like this inclusive style of moderation, well done Ezinda and welcome to the community.

Best wishes

ps, by the way just in case anyone thinks i am being sarcasic, I'm not i mean what i say!
I have since found some on amazon.co.uk, I typed in mini bike and a few come up. Some seem to want to conk out however, same with everything you see on the 'net, you get tales of woe... :laughing:

There's one half price, around £30 in this category.
Oh, and thanks for providing a link to my previous post too! Would edit previous post but it doesn't seem a function on this site...
I found there are generally lots for sale in local paper as people do not use them. So putting a "wanted"notice up in local supermarket might help too.They could generally be had for about £25 upwards.
Recent research papers have shown a definite improvement in PD symptoms, when riding as a stoker on a tandem with the leader-front cyclist setting a cracking pace (they call it forced exercise).So you could consider a tandem which is useful for anyone who has difficulty balancing on a single bike.
Pedalling indoors can be soooo boring....
hiya clive ,nice to meet u,i have a small exercise pedal bike,well wot im tryin to expalin is i can sit in my wheel chair or on a seatee and u put ur feet in the straps on the pedals and pedal away,it keeps ur joints and feet goin ,it has helped me,:smile:
How about a pedalo on the water? I wonder how much good they do....
That's a great idea, only problem is the waters round our way have a lot of polo ponies (they breed a lot) and with them bobbing up and down, ducking in and out and trying to get to the ball, I feel my mum could get a bit flustered. A few years ago, maybe.