A stay in hospital


My recent experience of a hospital stay as someone with Parkinson’s.
          Early this year I was admitted into hospital for a serious operation. The hospital already knew I had Parkinson’s and I had elected to self-administrate my Parkinson medication. The hospital was in the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust group and I can’t fault how they manged my condition. At the times I had told them I would be taking the medication someone would come round and checked that I had actually taken it.
         This I understand is achieved by an excellent piece of software called Concerto which alerts the staff to those patients currently admitted with Parkinson’s, when the medication should be taken and bleeps the doctor on the ward if the medication hasn’t been taken on time.


Wow! that sounds an amazing piece of technology applied in a wonderful way!

As some others on this forum may be aware I am very focused on helping support the correct medicating of PwP when they are in hospital.....will certainly add this positive piece of information to take to the panel of people hoping to set up a new standard on good practice for meds management of PwP in hospital!!

This sounds like something that should be in every hospital/carehome/nursing home!!

My Mum would have been able to maintain control of her meds for longer had this been available to her!! Could also be used to alert staff if THEY were in control of the meds of a PwP!!!

Wonder what it costs?????