A visit from my MP before tribunal

Hi everyone, this is maiden post so please be gentle! I have Parkinson's disease... 

I have applied to go to a tribunal for my pip ( after receiving nil points ).  So as the battle lines were drawn I started gathering evidence and wrote to my MP, who is coming round to my house tomorrow to discuss the case and support which she might be able to give me...


problem is, I don't know where to start!!


any ideas would be monumentally appreciated 

Thanks in advance





Ideally contact with your parkinson's local advisor would be of help


if you have started gathering evidence obviously supporting letters from consultant, pd nurse, gp, and local advisor all help along with medical history relating from the start of your pd journey to most recent date. make copies & get either a parkinsons local advisor to fill out any forms for you or your local disability adivice service.


i haven't reached a tribunal yet

Answer everything in the context of your worst day because they dont care bout  good ones.

hi dipper have you got a local parkinson support worker

I echo the last two posts. Contact the PUK support & information officer for your area. I'm sure that they will have had some experience of what to expect and how to prepare for a tribunal. Other than that phone the PUK Helpline.

There is also a web site called.... 'Benefits and Work' that members of our local branch have found to be helpful regarding failed PIP applications, appeals etc.

I would  think that the best that your MP can do is fight further changes to PIP criteria which will exclude many more people with such a diagnosis.

Thanks for the guidance.  I suppose I just want to make sure I'm not wasting my MP's time as she can't write to the judge about my specifically.  I guess if I explain that the whole process is appalling ( they even spelt my name wrong on the assessment )  and how I live on a hill and get tired walking up the street but they do not consider that aspect a part of daily living.... Like we all live on flat roads with perfect paving!!! 

My support worker is amazing but is unable to attend our meeting - just want to best represent us


How can you be wasting your time you have this for the rest of your life as we all do, it doesnt matter if you live on a hill if you struggle walking then you struggle whether its flat or a hill or one step or a 100 it is a effort which you didn't used to have, the illness effects every aspect of our lives physically & mentally inside and out.


Exactly my point... My rejection based on Capitas assessment was they cannot use the fact I have a blue badge, my illness is affected by the weather, I live on an incline, the pavement is uneven and a couple more, and the fact I worked 6m into the room is clear enough evidence I can walk 250m unaided....

i just need to succinctly tell my MP so she can raise it officially as an urgent rework needs to be done on the PIP. 


Oh oh and they spelt my name wrong, referred to me as "it", and said I wear a shit and tie to work