A waking dream?

Hello Everybody, Need your help again. My h , who does get a bit of hallucination, but its ok and you helped me with this. Now last night was walking around the landing saying he was mending diesel engines. This was quite difficult for me as he was also asking for help but I wasnt at all clear what he wanted help with , the loo? the diesel engine? his balance? freezing? and it went on until 4.30am. We are now both completely exhausted.
I think it was a waking dream, I am not sure what he remembers of it. Anyone experienced this?
Didnt really know what to do. Felt could have just left him to dream around and sleep walk as I couldnt help, but was afraid he would fall so had to stay a
round.Any one experience this? and if you are a pd sufferer, any tips on how to help? if you are a carer any tips?
Just any little tips would be really helpful. I already know staying patient and loving is key. And dont want to ask for meds to help this as neuro says anything given for hallucinations will inhibit movement and I think h can cope with hallucinations but is much more distressed by inability to move, not being able to get up from chair so dont want to do anything to make that any worse.
Any tips? or sharing of what this can feel like for the sufferer? expectantly sunray
You have said it yourself, I think: stay patient and loving. There is not much else you can do. I too am afraid my husband will fall down the stairs when on one of his nightly walkabouts , but he never does. Always eventually seems to find the way back to bed and sofar has not hurt himself. But I do stay around - and awake.

We too are both exhausted but as we are retired we can afford really nice and long lay ins.
Re staying mobile - Are there any Sport Injury Physiotherapists your h can visit ? - Physiotherapy has really turned things around for me through skillful decompression of the spine and corresponding exercises to improve muscle tone in the specific areas, to the point that I physically feel as good as in my twenties.

I have also found that Borage oil is good for lifting the spirit and reducing stressful anxiety and depression, which in turn may assist mindful aspects; but please do check with your GP first as there may be a medical reason why your h should not try this food supplement.


Thanks Adrianna I'll think of you two next time it happens, Beauxreflets, whats the Borage oil about then do you drink it or massage it onto muscles? I really wish I could get him to take some massage, he tried the physio and doestn like the massage couch and says he undoes her work , however I can do a bit of massage myself so have been doing that . Do you think its aching muscles then that causes the getting up and moving around during the night? It obviously is some restlessness of the mind and then I guess that translates into body and then movement. Thans you two. If anyone else can give me tips that would be great. love sunray
Apologies for delay in reply - This website does not notify me when a post has been answered and it is a while since I last checked in.

The Borage oil I take is in capsules - eaten to assist the kidney and adrenal glands - the latter produce natural Dopamines, so keeping these organs in tip top condition may help to slow PD progression. Although I am not a Doctor and say this just in a sense of common sense. :grin:
I was very interested to read this post. I now sleep on average 4 hrs a night and rarely sleep during the day. There are days however when I reach a pitch of exhaustion like yesterday. I fell asleep on the train knowing that I was going to the end of the line. I had always assumed that I would wake up when the train stopped so it was a tremendous shock when the guard shook me awake. He said the train had been in the station a good 5 minutes and was about to return to London. I felt quite sheepish as I shuffled along the platform.

It is another episode that I wanted to relate and it only happened once. I was dreaming in colour and to the best of recollection it involved walking through a meadow. I looked up at the sun and I remember squinting, when at that moment the orb started oscillating. I woke suddenly to find myself staring at a pub sign which was indeed moving slightly. I was completely disoriented and realised that I had slept walked down the road from the house I was staying at. When I got back I found the door closed so I had to resort to throwing pebbles at the window. When my daughter opened the door she was shocked to find me standing there. Apparently I had undone two bolts and two locks to exit and to this day I have no recollection of my journey. It was 3am and luckily I was fully clothed having fallen asleep in a chair.