About me also

I’m Jan and my husband was diagnosed with PD about six years ago. I’m not cut out to be a career and I didn’t think that my retirement years were going to be quite as they are. My husband’s walking is very difficult and while his medication probably lessens the symptoms it hampers him a great deal. We live in London so we do have good care at a top teaching and research hospital although appointments are few and far between and if an increase or change in medication is proposed we have to wait for a letter so that we can then go to the GP for a prescription. This can come up to two months later or sometimes not at all.
We both sing very seriously and this and his research work keeps my husband going. He has no tremor and is still able to drive. Public transport is a bit of a trial as there is a lot of walking involved in using the Underground. People are very good on buses about giving him a seat. It’s not so good on the Underground.
I am healthy and on no medication- I shall be 72 next month. I do most things in the house about which I am rather ambivalent. Besides singing, I sew and use my hands.

Hi Janmezzo, So sorry to hear about your husband. My Mum doesn’t shake much either and I guess it’s the medication that controls that. She has had PD since she was 62/63 (now 90). We are rather isolated now. I’m a widow/pensioner and although experienced carer find it difficult to work at this time of my life. But needs must and I do what my best for Mum. Besides, we have a shot at having a nice relationship now and do enjoy our time together. Love the idea of your singing … what do you sing? Both Mum and I love classical music and opera but all singing is amazing. We live in London too and wonder if you or your group share your singing … maybe concerts somewhere? We’d love to listen … ? No cultural stuff around here so can’t enjoy ourselves which is a shame. Many small groups of musicians/singers and other local people around but no concerts/sharing.