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Hi I was diagnosed with P.D. 5 years ago but had clear but wilfully ignored signs for at least two years before that. I am 68 years old and the degenerative nature of the dsorder appears to be living up to its name very rapidly. Not too sure where to turn anymore. Those " 3a.m." life is more or less over moments get more frequent. Bit of a bugger really, and then there was a fall from nowhere yesterday (many falls before) with continuing pain effects but in the immediate aftermath being unable to move (not thriugh pain) and whili immobile partially voiding my bladder. yep I wet myself. Life still has many positive aspects, but it’s getting harder to focus on them. Hey Ho!

Hi Cled,

A warm welcome to the forum! Things sound really tough for you at the moment, but we hope that you can have some valuable conversations here. Please do feel free to lean on our helpline for some extra support, no matter what you need to discuss - all the contact info can be found via this link

Best Wishes
Tom A, Moderation Team

Hello, just caught up with your post and whilst there is not a lot I can do to help if your PD has gone wild, I just want to say that a spark of humour shines through and if you have that then I like to think you still have the upper hand. That is not to deny you’re having difficulties just now, far from it, but humour is a strong and powerful ally besides it beats being miserable!! I note your post was a bit ago, hope you are managing ok.

hi thanks for your reply. I think you are right about humour. I still find things to amuse me. Old radio comedy via online radio helps in the " 3 a.m. life is as good as over " moments. And my young granddaughter is a great source of joy and wonder!. Still having falls but no major damage so far.

take care