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Hi I’m new to this. I signed up late last year but haven’t posted anything yet. My lovely father in law has Parkinson’s and has recently been diagnosed with Lewy bodies. My mother in law is finding it quite hard and all the family are doing our best to help. Hoping this forum will help. Really trying to get my mother in law to register too.

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Hi and welcome, you will find this Forum very helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions as there is always someone about to give an answer or point you in the right direction to get it. Talking about Parky is a great leveler, what you’ve got to remember is that no two people are the same, we all have different forms of the disease and have our own coping strategies but we are all together pulling in the same direction. The thing with Parky is to be positive in attitude, do the best you can every day. Does your Father-in-law have a Parkinsons Nurse, if not then his GP Surgery should be able to put him in touch with one, personally I have found them to be extremely helpful with any problems I may have. Regarding your Mother-in-law, get her to sign up, like your good self she will be made to feel welcome and part of our family. All the best.