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Hi was diagnosed 2years ago was checked as a possible stroke due to

Hi diagnosed 2 years ago ,ran 2 half marathons since each year .this year taking pramipexole and ragoline hope it’s spelt right , have had trouble running since anyone else had this problem, I do have restricted movement and muscle cramps down left side stiff neck back and shoulders numb fingers , still working as giving up not a choice and letting pd win not an option family very supportive as is work looked into physio said not much they can do ,now 58

Hi @Andrew2

Many thanks for introducing yourself, and a warm welcome to the Parkinson’s UK forum and online community!

If you have concerns about new symptoms or medication do speak to your Parkinson’s Nurse or Consultant for further advice and investigation. We also have a dedicated area on our website for Motor Symptoms, including things like muscle stiffness and muscle cramping which you may also find useful.

Exercise is an effective way to keep you moving with Parkinson’s, and it sounds like you’ve been doing really well with your half marathons (and no doubt the training involved for them too!). Do have a look at our online information on Exercise and Parkinson’s and our staying active at home guide which provides ideas and links to online workouts to do at home during Covid19 restrictions.

In more normal times our support groups and other community providers run a variety of exercise activities for people of different abilities across the UK. You can find out more about what is usually happening near you by typing your town or post code into the “Find local services, activities and support” search box on our Information and Support page.

In addition to to their medication and exercise, some people also find other therapies (including physiotherapy and some complementary therapies) useful in helping them manage their Parkinson’s symptoms, do have a look at our Therapies page.

Our confidential Helpline, Helpline Nurses and Parkinson’s local advisers are also here to answer any questions you have too. Call us on 0808 800 0303.

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