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Hi I was told I have PD in September 2020. I have booked a holiday in December 2022 to Florida with my Grandchildren.
Realistically what do you guys out there think of my chances.
I’m also hoping to start back to work. I’m struggling at the moment to come to terms with any of it.
I wanted to ask you guys if any of you are taking a vitamin12 supplement or CPD capsules and how you have found them. Do they help or cause the medication to not work? I’m on patches and madapor hard capsules and modified released co-beneidopa at night .

I was diagnosed in 2017 and have been on numerous overseas holidays after that right up to the start of the pandemic. We’ve also got 2 overseas trips (one to Myanmar/Vietnam, the other a train trip through Africa) rebooked to the back end of this year. I think I can honestly say that PD has made very little difference to what I do in life even if it is sometimes a bit less comfortable and a bit slower.

I take vitamin b12 supplements along with D3 and magnesium. I’m pretty sure they do help and they don’t seem to interfere with anything else.

All the best

At the moment I’m taking Holland and Barrett 250 mg magnesium tablets but I think I’ve taken different brands in the past. I started taking them on recommendation from the Parkinson’s nurse when I complained of aches in my left leg keeping me awake at night and they have definitely improved that problem.

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Thank you. I’m really pleased to hear that you are able to travel. That has given me hope as I really don’t want to let my grandchildren down .

Thanks singing_gardener, I’ll get some ordered as my main issue stopping me doing long walks at the moment is foot cramping up. Hollie1, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I found out yesterday and was up most the night worrying about it all but what good is that? Really, no one knows what the future will hold Parkinson’s or not. I’m busy booking holidays and right now I’m more worried about COVID cancelling them than Parkinson’s.

Thank you and sorry about your news too. It’s hard to come to terms with it I know. I wish you well my friend.

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I have booked for Florida in dec 22 and as things are it might still be a Covid problem

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Hi I was diagnosed when I was 47, 13 years ago. I have enjoyed a number of holidays to Florida and found that during the first 10 years I was as energetic as I had always been with the magic meds.
The last 3 years I haven’t been as lucky as I get now off times than on now.
I am very grateful for the lovely memories.

Awww thank you juju. I’m sorry to hear you are not so well now. So pleased you have lovely memories though and your story as made me very hopeful I will make it in a couple of years.I’m64 now and will be 66 when I go. I went in October 2019 before I was diagnosed and we said we would go again in dec 22 to see the Xmas Disney . So really hoping I still can go with my Grandchildren . X

Hi I think it depends on your condition and you’re in the early days. My husband was diagnosed 14 years ago and is 73. He can’t walk without meds but with them, he can operate like anyone else. We go away 3 or 4 times a year. I ask for assistance on planes which we sometimes need. He wears an external catheter (convene) with urine bag for the journey. I take an old air bed so he’s comfortable at night. If it’s a hotel, say in Canaries, you can order and pay for mobility equipment but you can take two pieces of equipment on most airlines. Holiday insurance can be an issue! He takes calcium and Vitamin D mixed which was recommended for all PD people in our area and Omega 3. Have a great holiday.


I was diagnosed in March 2011 and can still go on holiday (Covid allowing) and I regularly look after my three grandchildren. Aged 11, 8 and 4

Fortunately Parkinson’s is a slowly progressing condition so hopefully you will be able to enjoy your holidays with them for years to come.



I would be amazed if you have any problems unless you have underlying health issues, or are very elderly indeed. I was diagnosed four years ago and a year after the diagnosis I managed to cycle across America so clearly active life does not end for everybody when you get Parkinson’s. i am planning to cycle across it again next year…

Hollie , just go …there is help at the airport if you need it . There is help everywhere if you just ask.
Disney AND Universal will also , as long as you tell them , give you a pass that means you don’t need to queue as much . Just go to Customer Relations and tell them - they will do the rest . You even get to park right by the entrance !!!

Hi Hollie
It may seem at the moment that your life, as you knew it, is going to come to an end. Not necessarily! I was diagnosed 13 years ago at the age of 50 and, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve changed much at all - in fact there are still days that I question whether they got my diagnosis wrong! My husband and I have upped our walking programme over the last couple of years, tackling the Cotswold Way and then The South West Coastal Path. In fact we’re just planning the next phase for this summer. I can walk about 10 miles a day but I’m better in the mornings and have to make sure I take my meds in plenty of time. I take 14mg Ropinirole and 25/100mg Madopar with 12.5/50mg Madopar four times daily, at 7asm, 11am , epm and 6.30pm. I did take a 25/100 Modified Release Madopar at 10pm but I forgot to tak eit a couple of times and noticed that I slept a lot better without it. So I stopped taking it!!! If anything my mobility is better than it was when I was taking it so I wonder if I was being over-medicated? I think over-medication is something to be aware of as too much can cause more problems than not enough. We have lost our Parkinson’s Nurse and I haven’t seen anyone for getting on for 2 years now, so as far as my Consultant is aware I’m still taking what was prescribed. If I ever get an appointment with him I’ll update him, but until then I’ll listen to my body and do what I feel is best for me. Keep your chin up, stay positive and you’ll get there. Good luck and enjoy your travels

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