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HI i am 78 and have just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s which came as no surprise as |I was aware that something was not right. I can’t say I was shocked as others have indicated. I am now on a steep learning curve in an attempt to find out all I can about the disease in the hope that I can mitigate many of the symptoms. I just hope I can continue with life much the same as before diagnosis

Hi and welcome @Bryan-Lee. You’ll find our forum community very friendly and helpful, so I expect others will be along shortly to say hello.

It’s interesting to hear that you weren’t shocked by your diagnosis, but I understand that it might have answered your questions as to why you weren’t feeling right. It really is a steep learning curve, as you suggest, and you’ll find our website a rich source of information about Parkinson’s. Do explore at your leisure, there’s plenty to read.

It’s great to hear that you hope to continue as before. Keeping up with your daily life, hobbies and interests will really help you while you adjust to your diagnosis. Don’t forget that you can call our helpline with any concerns or questions you may have. You can reach them on 808 800 0303.

Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future,
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Hello Bryan-Lee
Welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed in 2009 and I was not shocked with the diagnosis either. All the signs suggested to me that Parkinson’s was the most likely diagnosis and in the event it was a relief to be told it was common idiopathic Parkinson’s when I was aware of other conditions that have have a faster decline and poorer prognosis.
There is no need to change anything about your life unless and until it becomes difficult. Even then, in most the rate of decline is slow giving you time to adapt to any changes that may occur; In many cases that means looking at ways to do things differently rather than give them up.

I can understand your need to find out as much as you can about Parkinson’s, but be careful not to do so to the point of being overwhelmed and falling into the information overload trap where you can’t see the wood for the trees. Parkinson’s is a very complex condition with many symptoms both motor and non motor and the impact and severity vary hugely. Generally the advice would be to concentrate on what you need or need to know now. You have time on your side to acquire your knowledge gradually. The forum is good for reliable information since it is written by people who are affected by Parkinson’s in one way or another, so do feel free to ask anything you may wish to know.
Best wishes.

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Hi @Bryan-Lee As @Tot has rightly pointed out, don’t change anything about your current lifestyle, you will know when to make adjustments. So no need to go routing out more info on the disease just ask on here, someone will come back and give you an answer. The common saying is we are all different so one’s diagnosis will be not be the same as the next persons. By the way @Tot speaks a lot of good sense and you would do well to check out what she has written to other sufferers.


Hi I was diagnosed in July at the age of 57 again I was not surprised I have tremors on my left side I am now on Rapinirole 2 mg going to 4 mg slow release next week I still love my job which can be quite physical sometimes will medication keep me going any tips would be great
Thanks Gary

Hi Gary,
We just wanted to say hello and welcome you to our forum community. While everyone’s Parkinson’s journey is different, you’ll see from numerous testimonials here that PWP can have full, healthy, productive and creative lives. If you have any questions about specific medications, feel free to broach them here and share in our community’s experiences. We also wanted to let you know about the wealth of resources on our website, at Parkinsons.org.uk, as well as our free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303. Our advisers there can help you with everything from medical questions to finding local resources to assist you on your journey.
Please accept our best wishes, and again, welcome.
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Hi Gaz, can I ask how you are doing on Ropinirole? My husband 53 was diagnosed in November. He first tried Ropinirole but didn’t help he’s tremors at all, if anything made them worse. He is on patches now which is also not working.

Hi lizzy I am only on 2mg which is going up to 4mg next week I think at the moment I am slightly better I am shaking in spells instead of all the time i will let you know in a few weeks if any difference on the 4 mg keep pestering them until they get it right hope all goes well Gary