About myself

Had pd 9years a good tip don't iet it take over your life stay strong try not too let it win do a keepfit ciass and gym yoga find this really helps me find shopping hard as shuffiing comes on suddeniy out of biue just to iet you know it stil with you that's whenwhen you fight back
Hi Muppet
good advice - i have recently restarted doing some weight, stretching and balancing exercises and have found it very beneficial.
I think exercise is very beneficial. I do some weights (2x a week) and bosu ball (2x a week) but the most beneficial are my morning stretches and a 1 hour walk (about 2.5 miles) every morning at 5 AM before starting work. When the walk begins, my tremor is quite apparent but 20 minutes later, it has disappeared. Mind you, I was only dx a little over a year ago so that might factor into the disappearance of the tremor. The only other symptom I have is a changing voice. I am starting to sound like a Phyllis Diller / Barney Fife mix, only much quieter. Thank goodness for speech therapy, another form of exercise!

As Oprah's trainer said, " We were made to exercise. We feel better. "

Best wishes.