About the Impulsive and compulsive behaviour forum

Some people who take certain types of drugs (dopamine agonists and others) experience impulsive and compulsive behaviour. This can include gambling, hypersexuality, binge eating and obsessive shopping among others. This section is for the discussion of this side effect. 

Further information


Latest research…more than HALF patients taking Dopamine agonists experience impulse control disorders.
Still no move to ban higher doses or publicise more widely the life-wrecking potential of these drugs?



Obsessive compulsive behaviour due to Pramipexole almost ruined my life.

We need to be better informed before we take the drug. We and our families/carers can be on the alert for a change in behaviour. Although patients can be very secretive about what is happening to them as the compulsions are very strong.

For some people they work very effectively on their symptoms, so they would not be happy to have them withdrawn.