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Hi and welcome to our forum, @demsley. We have a very friendly and supportive group here and I know they will want to say hello very soon.

This sounds really difficult and I’m sorry to hear that you now have two parents to worry about. I can’t imagine how stressful this must be. Have you made plans for Brenda’s care or are you going to now have some of that responsibility? Both your parents are so fortunate to have a son who wants the best for them. Do make sure you also take time for yourself so that you’re able to carry this emotional load.

I’d advise you to read our website section for Carers: Caring for someone with Parkinson's | Parkinson's UK. It will help you with a lot of information that could help you make some initial decisions. As well our Helpline advisers are able to talk to you about any concerns you have. Call them on 0808 800 0303.

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Hi everyone,I got my diagnosis 5 weeks ago, after a wait of 12 months to see a consultant. He reckons I started with Parkinson’s several years ago but the symptoms didnt appear till about 2018 and I put them down to being side effects of meds I was on. I’m 78 and live alone and my flat is up 28 stairs in a block with no lift .Obviously I worry that the time may come when my living arrangements will cause me problems,but I guess I’ll just have to plod on.I have a DATscan due on June 6th and will see the consultant in August and start medication. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Carlotta A very warm welcome to our site, sorry to hear that you have PD I just don’t understand why you had to wait so long to see your consultant, but you did get to see him eventually, I am around your age and i was getting on quite well with my PD but the past year it has being trying to show me whos boss. I am now finding just cleaning the bathroom hard work, where I would take about an hour to clean it well now it’s half a day’. So i have telephoned Age Consern pr Age UK they are sending me details for a help. So taking PD and our ages into the situation if you can have a word with them as with you living alone they can help you stay indpendent. Also lots more things that they can do for us senior citizens. Keep posting let us know how you get on,

Hi, my name is Geoff, recently turned 69 this May. Started having symptoms after a double by pass operation in 2016 and diagnosed early 2019. I live near to Staines and I am a branch member of that group. I seem to have overcome a lot of the problems I was initially experiencing connected to movement through exercise and although I no longer can do a vigorous cardio vascular routine I still exercise each day. Luckily close to me is an organisation called White Lodge, which I have been able to use for Hydrotherapy, neuro-fit circuit training and an ABS class which also includes Pilates. I am married and we both have an interest in gardening and our allotment. I don’t know where this journey will take us to but I hope to stay positive for as long as I can.

Hi Geoff,
We just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the community forum. We’re very happy to hear you’re taking these changes in stride, and as you’ll learn from our forum regulars, positivity is a powerful tool in your service. That said, no one here will ever minimize the struggle. And speaking of tools, we hope that you will take some time to peruse our website at Parkinsons.org.uk, where you will find, in addition to research news, fundraising opportunities, and various forms of support, archived forum discussions on a vast swath of subjects. And if you’d prefer to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable advisor, we have a free and confidential helpline. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303, and we can assure you they are always willing to help.
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Hi I’m new to the forum, iv just read your post and can relate which is reassuring to me. My husband is 4yrs diagnosed but this last 6months have been so difficult with similar to you. Mobility, getting in & out of bed, turning over getting up from sitting. Like you I have to help which is not easy as he’s a big man. His sleep pattern is difficult too sleeps in day restless at night. They have changed his medication & are prescribing sleeping meds so fingers crossed this helps. I needed reassurance this is Parkinson’s & your post confirmed this. I hope you get some help through this very difficult time.

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Hello Jane0804
I just wanted to make sure you knew you could ask for an assessment by an occupational therapist who can help with the sorts of difficulties you mentioned. You need to contact Adult Care Services at your local council.

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Hi Tot thank you for that, we’ve had the OTs out they were very helpful. Provided grab handles near his bed & on toilet doors which have been a godsend. They are changing his meds to hopefully help with night sleeping. It’s all trial & error I believe. :crossed_fingers:

I will contact adult care :pray:

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My name is Steve and I am 58 years old, working in retail for Tesco. I never had kids and live at home which is kind of the way I like it because I only fully relax in my own space. I have a history of anxiety and depression issues, but have noticed these becoming worse in recent years, and also began to notice tremors in my hands, firstly my left hand then both. I had a brain scan earlier this year which confirmed the consultants suspicions that I have PD. My left hand movements are slightly impaired but otherwise I am still physically able to do everything normally. The main adverse impacts appear to have been on my mental health thus far, mostly because I already had a pre-existing anxiety disorder.

My workplace has been very understanding and supportive, but aware that the years I am living right now are the best ones I have left, I have decided to cut my hours and get help from Universal Credit. I used to work all the hours I could get which was also not helping my mental health but now I aim to try and get by on about 25 hours a week.

My Parkinsons is now being addressed with medication as is my anxiety, the latter by dosage increases. The med for Parkinsons I have been given is Levodopa. For a time this seemed to cause serious mood swings and also increased levels of sexual interest, like being 18 again. But thankfully both these side affects have subsided again.

Well thats my story, apologies in advance for my tendency to be overly verbose. I am more used to politics forums, lol. And there you never use two words when ten will do.

Hi seb 7677 a big welcome to our site. yes I agree about you doing less hours at work life is to short, you might have read my post but when i found out that I had PD my hubby and I sat down and thought where do we go from here. I was around 63 each year we went on holiday with friends car was paid for house paid for no monnies worries. What did we want to do ??? Travel so we put the house on the market and gave the sons some money put some in trust for grandsons and said what we had left was ours. We had some great years been around the globe twice, still more to see but PD has now made its mark, So the moral of my story is think what you want to do?? ps we are now in an Anchour over 55s bungalow and still enjoying the small amount of money we have left. Keep posting on the site as their is a lot of advice from all of us.

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Very well put! I couldn’t agree more with your approach!

Hello, my name is Julian, 67. I live in North Lincolnshire. My Parkinson’s was confirmed in August 2022, I wasn’t surprised, I think I’d known for a few years. At the moment things are going along OK, the medication appears to be working, and I keep active, as much as I can. One delight is the love and support from family and friends.