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Hi, my name is Martin Sullivan, I am 57, I am undergoing diagnosis for Parkinson's, I started noticing symptoms almost a year ago but did not know what the problem was. I had a twitch in my right knee when shaving in the morning and when cutting in with a paint brush - really concentrating. Then I started walking oddly - slight limp on my right side, handwriting deteriorating, went to see GP in july and she mentioned could be Parkinson's . Sent for MRI scan for vascular PD but came back negative, awaiting 6 month follow up appointment and then further DAT scan? Leading to diagnosis.
My biggest concern is finances, I have limited personal sick pay insurance if I cannot work but guess that will bar me from any benefits. I am a painter and decorator by trade, is it realistic to think I might be able to carry on working? are there any painter and decorators out there who are still working with PD?

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