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This forum is for those who are in the process of finding out whether they have Parkinson's, or dealing with a recent diagnosis.  Here, you can share experiences, questions and feelings with others who have been in a similar situation.

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I have just been diagnosed, after having a Datscan to confirm Parkinsons.

My consultant thinks I have probably had it for 5-7 years.

I had previously thought that my increasing difficulty in walking etc was down to advanced arthritis, having already had two knee replacements and then breaking my hip earlier this year. This was treated conservatively as it was three weeks before we realised it was broken.

I wanted a proper diagnosis as I like to know exactly what is going on. I have now started anti-nausea medication before taking the proper stuff after another 3 days.
I am feeling quite positive about the situatiion, having confdence in my consultant. At the age of 82 I mean to make the most of what is left. So, here goes!


Hi All
I’m new to this forum and new to Parkinson’s too. I’m just hoping to get some feedback / further info from fellow sufferers to help me understand what’s going on!

I was diagnosed with “Probable” PD at the end of Feb. The neurologist put me on what he called a “baby dose” of Madopar (50mg/12.5mg) for one month, then onto double that dose. I’ve now been taking 1 x 100mg/25mg Madopar for about 3 months. I’m not able to discern any positive effects of taking this medication and I really don’t believe it’s doing anything for me at the moment.

I’ve read lots about people needing stronger doses, alternative drug treatments, and even the fact that in some cases, Madopar can take months to become effective. This is in sharp contrast to other comments I’ve read where some people say it’s revolutionised the way they feel.

I currently have no dialogue with anyone about my condition and my only discussion about it to-date was with the neurologist in Feb this year. I have a follow-up appointment scheduled at the end of June which I’m hoping will shed some more light! 4 months between chats seems a very long time!

In view of my lack of apparent symptom relief, I’m wondering if it really is PD or something different (MSA?). I’ve got all the usual stuff going on - occasional tremor (particularly in my right hand) ; strange gait/difficulty walking ; difficulty handwriting ; pronounced lack of strength and stamina ; signs of slurred speech (sometimes).

Any comments or feedback from those who know a whole lot more than me, most welcome.

Many thanks