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I did my best to inform people of “Parkinson’s Day” I live in a small village and find due to Parkie mobility issue find it vert hard to get to the village shops as we also live at the top of a hill. Have brought a mobility scooter so went down to the village and ask all shops if they would trim the windows up for the day if I could get material eg banners leaflets balloos etc. they all said YES!! I contacted Parkinson’s one young lady said that she was sorry but she only had a few bit left but would send them anyway, then phoned another number, then seb=nt E-Mails, The few bits that the young lady sent were just that bit’s I finnaly received some more material the day after the event, Even our local goup sent me details of a local tv channel which I surposelly could get and watch our city of Nottingham being lite up blue for PD day. Some of it I must take the blame for, but I never saw any thing on TV Poster, local peper, doctors surgery not a thing. Now if I did not have PD it would not effect me just a minute is this our joe-public think. To sum things up
1/ Must have more about our day a month before
2/ Must try and get more people involed
3/ Need to get PD on locall TV and Radio
4. I must not asked for materils when it really is too late.
just a few sugguesions