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I recently took on the role of research champion for the Norwich city group via the EoERIG, and came to what I thought might be the right area to look at research opportunities/ studies and clicked on the links you have only to be told that the page does not exist or is private? I feel bound to tell you that thus far I am not overly impressed with the navigation and usability of this forum.


Peter Wendon

Hi @parkopete65, I am quite new on the site, but hope to be of some help. If it is the links to the pages before your post you are referring to, they were posted 5 years ago. If you go to the pulldown top right, there is a section called research, this should take you to the forum information. Else click on the black header at top, this takes you out of the forum and into main site, again thete is a pulldown which includes research. The same as any other forum, coments can get outdated.