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Knowing whether something is a symptom or a side effect of medication can be difficult - and you may find it helpful to ask about that here.

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Further information 

Hello all,
I have been recently diagnosed with Parkinsons/possible
Parkinsons Plus. Recently, I had an episode of blurred
flashing coloured lights one morning on opening my eyes which only lasted minutes, with no other symptoms. A couple of weeks later and I had several nights where I woke up seeing flashing lights. It doesnt seem to last too long but now only at night time. I just wondered if anyone
else has experienced this and is it connected to a symptom of Parkinsons? Or is it a side effect of medications, ie Sinemet, Azilect or Requip? Generally speaking I dont get much sleep at night time or its pretty
restless which may or may not be due to meds? Thank you in advance.