About to start medication


I keep looking at all the medication that most of you are on and wonder if any are for tremors and do they stop or relieve the tremor? Hubby going back in June and we are to discuss starting meds. Requip Xl and Levedopa? has been mentioned.
Head starts to spin when I look at them all and try to read what they are all for. :)

Hi Sue
I don't have much tremor myself but both requip and levadopa should help tremors but it is a bit variable between individuals.

Requip (chemical name ropinerole)is a dopamine agonist. This isn't dopamine but acts like it. Many people find it very useful but some have been affected by compulsive gambling, libido etc.

Levadopa (brand names, Sinemet, Madopar etc)is the chemical that neurons turn into dopamine. This can have long-term side effects so people take Requip to reduce the amount of levadopa needed.

The good thing about taking both is that it reduces the chance of side-effects from either.

Hope this helped.
Hi Turnip

Thanks for the reply. It is pretty daunting all these tablets and not knowing which way to go. Hubby doesn't go until June but I think if these tremors get any worse we will be asking if we can go see him before.

Hi Turnip,

I have been debating the use of rogotine patches for a few months.

You've just confirmed what I suspected but was not actually told by my neuro that his suggestion of adding in rogotine patches rather than increasing sinemet is a "hedging your bets strategy" - something I quite understand is advisable.
Hi Visionvalue,

Just one person's experience. I was put straight on sinemet ((3 x sinemet plus a day) because I was 69 on dx. and it almost completely removed my tremor which had affected me more or less all down one side. Others find it not much help for tremor at all. Unfortunately, PD is very individual - 30% have no tremor with PD - and so its not surprising that people's benefit from the avaiilable drugs varies as well.