Accept ET diagnosis or second opinion?

So I've had a sort of "thumb/finger " tremor on my left hand for quite some time (technically it's on my right too, but my left hand is always the more "twitching one").

Basically at rest it'll be fine. I can lay my hands on my lap and be fine (occasionally depending on the position of my thumb it can possibly twitch but otherwise resting them on my lap/sleeping/etc.. they do not twitch at all). But whenever I pull my thumb towards my other fingers it'll start to tremor (even if my "hand" is at rest). I guess this is considered a "postural" tremor, but I know ET patients have that too. It sucks because when I type my thumbs are held out in a tense fashion which makes it worse. Caffeine/Lack of sleep/etc.. absolutely make it worse as well. Basically any sort of "opposing" the tension of anything in a certain posture with my fingers seems to cause the twitching. It happens to my other fingers too, but my thumb on my left side is the most apparent. For instance stretching out my fingers may not make them twitch, but pulling them inward barely together will make them start to twitch.

It's like my fingers only twitch at certain 'positions'? or when there is some sort of tension on them. I can almost feel like they are tense and then it will start to twitch. This is pretty variable however and twitches worsen/are better depending on caffeine/sleep/etc., is this still considered a resting tremor if my hand is at rest BUT it requires a certain posture of my thumb/fingers to twitch?

For reference i've had this ongoing for about almost 7 years now. I remember bringing it up to a neuro 7 years ago. It hasn't really "changed" in 7 years and I saw a Neuro again about a year ago that diagnosed me with ET. Im 31 years old so Im wondering if she sorta blew past any possible parkinson's diagnosis....but she did feel me to make sure I felt "loose" muscle wise, and watched my walk/arm sway.

I guess the big question is: If it is indeed just ET, I need to just accept it. But in the span of 7 years would someone with YOPD have progressed in that span of time? I can't really say my tremor is any worse really (maybe VERY VERY slightly).

As far as other symptoms I have none, I occasionally "feel" off-balance, but i don't actually fall or have a weird gait. I think it may be anxiety related. and my muscles feel flexible like normal (besides my neck being always tight, but I sit at a computer all day and have terrible posture). Also my left leg doesn't feel weak but gets sore very easily  (like feels like shin splints.....but only in my left leg), however it has no weakness and is just sore (maybe a nerve problem relating to back/spine as im sure I have back/neck problems due to my job).

Should I just accept the ET diagnosis? Does the dizziness sound like anything PD related? (Since im not actually falling/etc...)'s almost just the 'feeling' of uncoordination....but I can run/etc.. just fine (Honestly if I don't "think" about it, then i don't even notice the feeling). Also the tremor....does that seem like PD? or would something have worsened in the 6 or so years i've had this issue.


The only certainty with PD is that everyone's experience is different and the progress of PD varies from person to person too. Diagnosis is not always straight forward and unfortunately your age is no guide either. I'm sorry this isn't much help. There often seems to be a long wait for any neurological diagnosis.

All I can say is that your tremor, and your history, fit a diagnosis of ET. rather than PD, and that's what your Neuro thought. If things haven't changed in 7 years, that makes ET more likely. Your other symptoms might well be due to bad posture, but if you're worried, talk to your doctor.