Access denied

I have clicked on 2 kitchen adverts today to get their email address to send my usual curt response to them and have got an "access denied "message.

This is presumably part of the new vetting system.

An improvement, but do the posters realise that their efforts are pointless or do they just carry on posting,  with us reporting and moderators then denying access?




Hi goldengirl,

You probably received this message because you clicked on the profile after we had deleted it.

As I mentioned, this is likely done electronically. There probably isn't a person there thinking through the potential impact on each site. They are doing this on lots of sites. 

I hope that helps.



I posted in postings an in-depth posting about posting, I couldn't have made it any clearer. 
Can anyone tell me what the point of me posting about postings if my postings are just going to be ignored.   
I for one am dumbfounded, why post a post about missing posts? I should have ignored the original post, it would have been as well go missing for all the good it done/ did/ didn't do done diddly freakish dud.
for the last time
we are logged in, otherwise you wouldn't get the chance to post. 
The browser either crashes on or just after it shows your text as HTML.
<break> the above text was typed in 1/2 an hour ago and preserved using control-a followed by control-c and will be again before I post as, although my name appears, I'll bet i'm. Logged out or told access denied for some reason.  
Lo and behold, HTML then access denied. 
Logged.  Back in. 
I've pasted it all back control-v, typed this bit in and save

Job done

Remember save=lose

be safe! save youself. Remember, there it's only two inches width of white paint between you a nd a 60 mph headon on a country road.

select all, copy, save

would be nice if that was automatic,still

then if disaster

10 log in, find your place, paste, save ( repeat as many times as you can tolerate until it sticks)

20 If still in a pickle, paste into notepad or similar, shutdown, have a drink, calm you nerves. 

30 go back to notepad or similar, select all, copy ; go to 10

Keyboard command summary

Control-a = select all

control-c = copy

control-v = paste

control-p = print ( if your wondering why your printer keeps kicking off  when your trying to paste)