Access to work grants

Hi does anyone have any experience with Access to Work Grant’s? I’m currently attempting to obtain some help getting from my car to the office. I am ok driving so getting to work is not a problem. My problem is purely to and from the office.

My employers have been brilliant making work place adjustments. I rely heavily on my work colleagues who bring my wheelchair to the car and take me to the office and vice versa (which they don’t mind) but I just hate having to rely on their good nature.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated . Thank you


I’ve applied to Access to Work twice and they were great on both occasions. They recommended a support package following my first referral and although they were unable to offer support the second time I submitted a referral, the assessor really helped me to see my situation clearly.
They work within a clear framework which can be found here access to work.
I would advise Spending a bit of time reading through all the information and would also try to think about what the support you are asking for might look like.
They aren’t guaranteed to say yes but In my experience have been extremely helpful and an important part of my workplace journey in terms of PD.
Hope all goes well and you get the support you need. Jx

Hi Jackson thankyou so much for replying to my query.

You have certainly made me more comfortable getting in touch with them.

Karen x