Access to work scheme

Recently had an assessment carried out by this organisation, they were amazingly quick and thorough and my employer is in the process of putting all their recommendations in place.

What a great organisation, I would recommend them to anyone who still works and needs support to do so.

It was very easy to access, just a phone call! no waiting while they get reports from neurologists or long, complicated forms to complete.

Has anyone else used this service, how did you find it.
i had help from a.t work they were really good and did good report but my boss refused to meet with them and allow them onto premises, feel really sad the way my boss has treated me?
You should seek union or legal representation you are covered by equalities act and could have case for construcive dismissal or sue, they denying you access to governmental support scheme is administered through the job centre plus - they have obligations as employers. Good luck - get advice - here or solicitors/ PD Nurses etc.