Accordion pill


hi all,
just thought i would let you know that i have enrolled on a p111 trial for a new pill called "accordion". I am currently titrating from stalevo to a sinemet then if all is well i start on the drug. I am at the Newcastle RVI and know that there are still plenty of vacancies if anyone is interested in taking part. Obviously you will need to meet the criteria. It is a novel delivery system that it being tested with a view to reducing the phenomena of off periods. Thought i would just give you the heads up.


[I have been taking Opicapone for 12 days now, and all seems positive - more ‘on’ time and better sleep pattern. Headaches in the first two days, and nausea, seem to have abated. Downside - wearing off, although fewer, are severe, and dyskinesia is more obvious. Also I have had to go for a private prescription - costly, (for me.)


Hello Roberto - you seem to have an identical user name to me! I am Rosy…