Accurate Voice Typing

Hi, I’m a PWP, diagnosed in late 2014, and lucky enough to get DBS last year. I just wanted to share a free tool I find hugely useful which is a very accurate voice typing app for Chrome on desktop or laptop called Dictanote.

Visit this link to use it for free. I purchased the paid version for just a few pounds a year (⅔ off until March 15th), which has some very useful bells and whistles. The app’s only problem from what I can see is that the English UK language setting isn’t quite attuned to regional accents as it could be. I am talking to the developer about the issue, and will update this post if I make progress.


I talked to the developer who was aware of the English UK issue (it’s looking for “American” sounds on certain words), but said there was no fix at this time. But I’d say the English UK is about 90-95% accurate so it’s still usable for most of us. As with all of the voice to text processors, pausing for a second or two before speaking clearly and slowly makes the app much more effective. :slight_smile:

I’m really interested in this topic. My typing speed and accuracy have dropped about 50% since being diagnosed. :neutral_face:

I have an Android phone and the Google keyboard has voice input and it is superb. I rarely have to correct anything. Much faster than my typing.

I am looking for something similar for Windows 10. Dictanote is not suitable as I need it to be able to type into my email program, word processor etc - not just my browser.

The “Windows Speech Recognition” software is terrible. Here is the output of me saying “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”:

Anybody have any recommendations for Windows speech to text software?


Hi again, I’m using Dragon Nuance, I’ve found this really useful particularly if you do a lot of keyboard/typing :slight_smile:

Thanks @AnaElsa, the Home edition looks great. I like the demos, that’s exactly what I want, in fact more capability than I was expecting.

Just need to save up for it now. :joy:

Yes, I’ve been fortunate enough to gain mine through Access to work as an workplace adjustment following an injury. Takes a while to get to grips with the software and adding words to the vocabulary, if you have a lot of actual typing it’s brilliant, then there are the commands to remember and it’s very sensitive - working at home and the dog came and sat under the table, sat on my feet and told her to move and eh what do you know it was in my text! Proof reading essential! Stay safe, take care

Forgive me for revisitng an old thread. I was diagnosed about 9 months ago and already I am struggling to type. My work revolves around email and I have been using the MS dictate facility in Outlook but, to be honest, it is pretty rubbish. It can’t even learn that my business partner is Cath, not Kath, even though I correct it five times a day. Dragon is obviously highly rated, but they seem to have withdrawn the Dragon Home product and the Professional version is now £680! Nuance, the software company behind Dragon, have obviously abandoned the accessibility market to focus on profits from business. Two questions:

  • Am I right that Nuance have abandoned sufferers in favour of business customers?
  • Has anyone found a reasonable alternative to Dragon?

Hello Maff
I find the voice recognition facility on a Chromebook quite good. I’m actually dictation this directly into the reply box on Parkinson’s UK forum. I’m not going to change anything so you can see what it’s like for accuracy. It takes a little practice to get the accuracy as good as this. Although not perfect I have found it got better as my dictating improved. It is quite versatile as you are able to type on most sites that have a text box of some description. You may want to give it a try. I have used dragon Naturally Speaking in the past but not for a long time and I always found it quite complicated. This is much more straightforward and is certainly enough for what I need to do. Maybe it will work for you too. It is called voice in typing and works with Chrome.

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